Science has long sought to discover whether the egg is a villainous food or an ally of our health.

It is a complex question, since eggs are a good source of high-quality proteins, vitamins and other bioactive nutrients, such as lecithins and carotenoids, and are recommended as part of a healthy diet in most dietary guidelines.

However, many people do not consume eggs or yolks due to the high amount of cholesterol, which can be a dietary risk factor for cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular diseases contribute to more than 17 million deaths per year worldwide, which accounts for almost half of all deaths from noncommunicable diseases.

They are mainly caused by atherosclerosis, a chronic inflammatory disease in which the deposition of cholesterol on the walls of the arteries forms a plaque or lesion.

The main risk factors associated with the number of atherosclerotic cardiovascular events include the total concentration of cholesterol found in the blood. There is a theory in science that the cholesterol coming from the diet is not the villain and cause of cardiovascular diseases, but, through ample evidence, that saturated fatty acids and trans fats are the great villains that increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases . The fried egg is always a wildcard at mealtime.

That’s because, when we don’t have a lot of time or even a lot of items in the pantry, preparing an egg is quick, super cheap and always yields a tasty snack. Everything is just right and the eggs are not out of it.

This month we are publishing amazing recipes with eggs.

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