I arrived at this recipe by mixing several recipes I saw around and using what I thought made the most sense for me in each one. The result was very cool.


200g butter

200g of sugar

3 large egg yolks

2 cans of sour cream

1 packet of Calypso cookies

1 packet of vanilla cookies

375ml of milk

25g unsalted margarine

1 tablespoon of sugar

125g of pownder chocolate


The cream Beat the butter, egg yolks and sugar until it forms a homogeneous white cream.

Add the cream without the whey and beat on low speed until incorporated. The coverage, mix all the ingredients and bring to the fire until it reduces well and forms a thick cream.

Assembly and finishing

Take the whey cream, put it on a plate and mix a coffee spoon of vanilla essence. Soak the vanilla cookies in the mixture and arrange on the bottom of the pan, in a single layer this will be the base of the pie.

Distribute the Calypso biscuits upright, around the pan, with the chocolate side out. Put the cream and freeze for at least 24 hours.

Remove from the freezer, pour the cover on top and freeze again.

The pie should only come out of the refrigerator hours before serving. Some people like it frozen. But for me the ideal is the point where it is possible to cut easily with a knife.

It is delicious and easy to make, try this amazing recipe.

For those who are a true ant, it’s a great dessert option.

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