Food directly influences people’s health and quality of life. For those who are going to live alone, the biggest challenge is to have a healthy diet during all meals of the day.

Check out 5 tips to make your life more practical:

1- Consult a nutritionist: he will give you the best freezing, storage and cleaning tips for your food.

2- Hold a weekly fair: perishable foods (fruits, vegetables and vegetables) must be purchased weekly. That way, you avoid wasting, make storage easier and still manage to stay on the shelf life. The tip also serves to purchase lunch boxes that can be frozen.

3- Learn the freezing method: when consulting your nutritionist, ask him for guidance on the method. That way, you prevent your food from spoiling faster.

4- Take a break from fast food: it may seem tempting, but fast food is a real trap for those who want to achieve a healthy life. Despite the ease and speed of delivery, costs and caloric indices will start to weigh in your pocket and on your scale.

5- Ask your friends for help: cooking doesn’t have to be a lonely habit.

Put the pandemic aside and realize that being single remains fashionable.

If freedom for your choices is what fascinates you most, in the kitchen of those who live alone there is also a world of possibilities that can go beyond the egg in the frying pan and the delivery application on the cell phone.

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