Raw, roasted or fried? No matter how this delight conquered the world. Kibbeh originated in the Mediterranean and Iraq. In the beginning it was a typical food of the less favored classes, because the meat was mixed with the wheat to yield and to be able to feed the whole family.

With the passing of time new recipes were created from the traditional kibe made at the time only from meat and wheat, many have already incorporated cheese, cottage, ham and other ingredients.

the kibbeh is prepared with ground meat, wheat and spices such as onion, mint and pepper. Traditionally, mutton meat is widely used in Arab countries.


• 500g of lean ground beef

• 1 kg of washed wheat (soak for 20 minutes and drain afterwards)

• 3 onions cut into pieces

• 2 dessert spoons of salt

• 1 dessert spoon of black pepper •

Mint to taste Filling:

• 1 kg of ground meat

• 3 chopped onions

• 2 dessert spoons of salt

• 1 dessert spoon of black pepper

• Chopped mint

• 3 tablespoons of oil Preparation mode:


Heat the oil, add the meat and saute until dry, add the onion, pepper, salt and mint. Pasta Mix everything and pass the machine twice. Divide into portions.

Fill with the meat forming the kebab and fry them in hot soy oil.

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