Pregnancy is a phase full of news for mothers. This special moment also demands special attention to health so that mother and baby are healthy during the 9 months of pregnancy and also to reduce the risk of complications in childbirth. It is also known that a healthy body is directly linked to food balanced. For this reason, the diet for pregnant women should contain special foods that are also beneficial for the baby. organism.

Lean meat

Lean proteins help to produce a feeling of satiety in the body and are still passed in sufficient quantities to babies. In addition, they help with skin elasticity, helping to prevent stretch marks.

Daily portion: 1 to 2 chicken or fish fillets.

Dark green vegetables

Broccoli, kale and spinach are some examples of vegetables that should be present in the diet for pregnant women, mainly because they contain one of the main nutrients for this phase of women: folic acid.

The substance is essential in early pregnancy and helps in the development of vital parts of the fetus, such as the nervous system, for example.

Daily portion: consume at will, either as salad or steamed.

Milk and milk products

These foods are rich in calcium and essential in helping the formation of the baby’s teeth and bones. Daily portion: 3 to 4 glasses per day, skimmed or whole.

Beans, liver and nuts

These foods are rich in iron, they can prevent anemia during pregnancy and prevent problems during delivery. Many women need to supplement with iron-based pills, as they are unable to ingest the indicated amount – 30 mg. In addition to the foods mentioned above, others such as lentils, beets, spinach and kale are great sources of iron. Daily portion: 1 small liver steak.

Breads and rice

Carbohydrate sources are very important for pregnant women and also for their babies. They are the ones that offer energy to the body and, in this phase, in which one more life is carried, energy is the vital word. A low carbohydrate diet in pregnancy can result in indisposition, as well as a lack of vitamins and fiber for both.

Daily portion: consume regularly for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Give preference to whole foods, such as rice, pasta and bread. A diet rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients has a lower chance of causing complications and having a smooth delivery. It is important to be concerned about feeding, always thinking that what you are eating can directly affect your baby’s health and formation.

So, whip up your plate and consume all of the items listed above to ensure iron health for you and your child!

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