What practically everyone already knows is that in order to have quality of life, it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet, practice physical activities and adopt a balanced diet, ensuring the proper functioning of the organism.

However, with the running routine and lack of time, we ended up not eating properly. But we need to change our habits and, even with the daily rush, ingest the nutrients that the body needs.

Therefore, in today’s article, we will talk about how to follow a healthy diet in the midst of a fast-paced daily life.

When least expected, breakfast was left behind, lunchtime was just a silly meal and, on the way home, with a lot of appetite, a quick and greasy snack seems to be a good alternative.

However, poor diet and bad habits end up going unnoticed in the daily routine for many people. And these attitudes can compromise health and contribute to weight gain.

But even with little time left, it is possible to have quality of life and a balanced diet. Therefore, it is necessary to prioritize some tasks, have discipline and organize time better, adopting healthy eating habits.

Here’s how you can do this without jeopardizing your routine activities:


Breakfast is considered one of the most important meals of the day, so it is necessary to plan not to leave the house on an empty stomach. It is essential to provide greater energy and allow you to perform activities during the day with more energy.

This is because eating food early in the morning induces the body to stimulate the metabolism – which was at rest during the time the person was sleeping.

For this reason, skipping breakfast can compromise your performance during the usual rush. To follow a balanced diet, it is necessary to consume foods that can maintain satiety for a longer time, such as toast or whole-grain bread, white cheese and fruit juices.

To get used to a healthy diet, it is not recommended to go for long periods without eating.

This eating habit will activate metabolism and improve digestion.

Therefore, both the morning and afternoon snacks should be made so that the person is not so hungry in the middle of the day and does not abuse in the next meals. You should also prioritize a time to prepare intermediate and practical snacks for the next day (before bed, for example).

Another way to follow a diet is to establish a varied menu for intermediate snacks. It must be practical and contain foods such as protein bars, whole grain cookies and oilseeds (chestnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, etc.).

Fruits are also interesting, but it is better to combine them with some other fiber-rich food so as not to raise the blood glucose level. Remember, the fruits in access can be a villain in your diet!

And for those who want a practical and quick option, ideal for losing weight and for those who train, it is worth betting on snacks and supplements such as whey protein and albumin, which are sources of protein and help in the proper functioning of the body. If taken an hour before lunch, for example, it helps to reduce appetite.

Thus, there will always be simple and quick foods to be consumed wherever you are, such as at college, at work or when you feel the need.


When making main meals, it is essential not to forget some precautions so as not to overdo it. If you work out all day and have lunch in restaurants, opt for a balanced and light diet.

Always choose those establishments that offer several options of salads and healthy dishes. Thus, one should choose all food groups, such as:

carbohydrates: are sources of energy found in rice and wholegrain noodles, sweet potatoes, cabochons, yams and cassava

Fibers: rich in vitamins and minerals

Regulators: vegetables, salads

Building proteins: meats and beans

Thus, the more colorful and diverse the foods on your plate, the greater the supply of nutrients. It is also interesting to avoid the use of oil and fats in the preparation of the dishes, in order to make better use of their nutritional value.

However, if there are no good restaurants nearby, or if the company offers a cafeteria for its employees, it is worth taking your own lunch box and consuming healthier foods, prepared by you. However, if your days are busy even to prepare your lunch, check the possibility of cooking meals on weekends and leaving them frozen.

To be even more practical, choose supplements, which guarantee the nutrients of a complete meal without much work to prepare.

There are options for fitness lunchboxes, easily found, that allow you to eat well without leaving your diet. Another way to set up your meal without spending a lot of time is to always leave the vegetables and vegetables already washed and cut in the refrigerator. Store them in pots with a lid.


Dinner is just as important as other meals. However, those who face a busy routine and are usually very hungry at that time need to be disciplined and cautious to avoid exaggeration. This is the last meal of the day.

Therefore, food consumption should be moderate, with light dishes and consisting of salads, broths and grilled chicken breast, for example.

If there are exaggerations when eating at night, mainly related to heavy and fatty foods, you can disturb the quality of sleep and interfere with the digestion process.

It will harm the diet and end up gaining weight, as the calories consumed will be stored in the form of fats.

For those who have activities in the evening

Some people come home and soon need to leave again for another appointment. This makes them eat anything to buy time. It is possible to have a quick and healthy meal even under these circumstances.

Practical snacks, prepared with wholemeal bread, cottage cheese, white or ricotta cheese and ingredients such as tomatoes, lettuce and carrots, can be a good choice for the end of the day. You leave the house without hunger and with the nutrients that will guarantee you energy for the next journey.

To follow a healthy and rich diet, it is worth following these tips and also giving preference to natural foods, drinking at least two liters of water a day and betting on low-calorie recipes. It is recommended to consult a nutrition professional so that he can monitor your case and adapt the diet to your daily life.

Even in the middle of a running routine it is possible to maintain a balanced diet, with nutrients necessary to offer your body balance and energy throughout the day, providing well-being and quality of life. And now?

Do you already know how to follow a diet even with little time?

Leave a comment in our post and share your opinion! 🙂

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