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It is designed to help reduce inflammation in the body to relieve symptoms of autoimmune disorders. An autoimmune disease is any condition where the person’s immune system mistakenly attacks and damages their own body tissues. Inflammation is a common feature of autoimmune disease. Examples include psoriasis, arthritis and lupus.

the diet eliminates foods that can cause inflammation in the intestine and suggests consuming foods rich in nutrients.

Foods that should be avoided in the diet:

Among them are all grains, all dairy products, eggs, vegetables, legumes, vegetables that grow underground, all sugars, butter and ghee, all oils, food additives and alcohol. Further research is needed to say with certainty whether this diet can improve symptoms of autoimmune diseases. However, the AIP diet is a healthy diet that people with autoimmune diseases can benefit from.

Autoimmune disease is classified as a disorder of the immune system, in which the body itself attacks itself. Therefore, the patient must undergo a treatment to repair the condition and live normally with the disease.

However, in addition to the treatment for autoimmune disease with immunobiological drugs, the ideal is to adopt other measures to strengthen immunity. So starting with food is a great place to start.

This happens because nutrition has acquired an increasingly impacting role, both in the factors that trigger autoimmune diseases and in the effectiveness of its treatment. Although autoimmune disease has no definite cause, it is known that some environmental factors have an enormous influence on the problem.

That is, the nutritional status of an individual directly implies the balance of the immune system. Therefore, a correct diet is essential to improve the prognosis, in addition to assisting in the regression of associated comorbidities and avoiding possible infections.

One of the first measures to be adopted, according to medical advice, is for the patient to restrict gluten-free foods from their diet.

One of the actions that has been showing optimistic results for some autoimmune diseases is to exclude gluten from the diet. When foods such as rye, wheat, barley or oats are removed from the diet, the results for the treatment progress are extremely fast.

This happens because gluten, a protein fraction called gliadin, is responsible for manifestations of sensitivity within the body. Gliadin is considered a food allergen, which develops immune-mediated reactions, triggering severe inflammatory processes and also the aggravation or appearance of autoimmune diseases.

Therefore, from a diet rich in gluten, several adverse effects may arise in the body, such as certain small intestine wear and tear and reduced nutrient absorption capacity.

vitamin d:

The balanced levels of vitamin D are essential to maintain a strengthened immune system, as this vitamin is a potent modulator of immune function.

Although we can acquire vitamin D by sunlight, sometimes this is not enough. When this happens, using a vitamin supplement can help a lot.

Recommended foods:

Varied meats (beef, pork, sheep, poultry, fish, seafood) and eggs at will.

Use lard, butter or ghee.

Vegetables such as lettuce and carrots.

Fruits (never in the form of juices), opting for the less sweet, because fructose is inflammatory. Lemon, passion fruit, guava, avocado, grated coconut, coconut milk and natural coconut water.

Herbs and spices must be used fresh or dry, alone and their risk depends on individual sensitivity.

It is an excellent diet that is not so restrictive and it helps a lot that you live with this problem. We all give you every day with the adversities of life, but we shouldn’t stop showing our smile and willpower.


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