How to make :

To make this blackberry jelly easy cosmetic by gathering the ingredients. You can prepare this blackberry jam with fresh or frozen blackberries and if you use fresh blackberries, wash them very well under running water. You don’t need to let the blackberries thaw to prepare a recipe.

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Place the blackberries and sugar in a pan and bring to medium-low heat. Stir and leave until the sugar has melted.

Tip: If you are using frozen blackberries they will release water and the jelly will take a little longer to set. If using fresh blackberries, add 1or 2 tablespoons of water to help the sugar melt more quickly.

When the sugar has completely melted and the blackberries start to fall apart, lower the heat and, if you like, crush the blackberries with the spoon while stirring. Cook for another 15 or 20 minutes and add the lemon juice.

Tip: Stir the blackberry jam from time to time to avoid burning on the bottom.

There are two tricks to know if the jelly is ready:

Scrape the bottom of the pan with the spoon: it will be possible to see the bottom of the pan clearly and the blackberry jelly is slow to unite.

Drop a little blackberry jam on a plate and tilt the plate: the jam practically does not drain.

When the blackberry jam is the right consistency, you can turn off the heat. If you want a smooth blackberry jam, let it cool a little, beat it in a blender or in a processor and return it to the pan again, letting it cook for another 10 or 15 minutes, until it thickens again.

Tip: To remove the blackberry jam, pass it through a sieve after hitting the blender.

Place your easy yet warm blackberry jam in sterilized glass jars, cover and set aside upside down until completely cool and this helps to create a vacuum and your blackberry jam will be valid for 3 or 4 months without opening.

Tip: In order to create a vacuum inside, the jars must be well filled with jam, without much air inside.

Your wonderful homemade blackberry jam is ready! Now that you know how to make blackberry jam.

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