Sardela is a typical recipe from Southern Italy, from Calabria. The original is prepared with a fry, also called sardela, and takes sweet and spicy paprika, olive oil and a little fennel seed. It is an antipasto widely used as an appetizer along with breads, toast and biscuits. Because it is very simple to be prepared, it is a perfect option for a meeting of friends. Traditionally made with sardines, but you can also find the recipe with other fish or vegetarian dishes, which do not use any type of animal protein.


12 red peppers

2 chili peppers (if you prefer less spicy put 1)

60 to 100 grams of anchovy

2 garlic cloves

1 pinch of fennel seeds

250 ml of good quality olive oil approximately

Preparation mode:

Chop the peppers into pieces so that they can easily beat in a blender, remove the seeds and the white part, remove the seeds from the peppers and chop them. For a more intense flavor, quickly sauté the garlics and peppers in olive oil (if you are in a hurry skip this step), wait for a few minutes to cool and beat in the blender together with the other ingredients, add olive oil until you cover the blender propeller, add more olive oil if needed to help liquefy, but never add water, as it will hinder cooking.

Now, the secret of this recipe is to take everything to the pressure cooker for about half an hour, this will greatly reduce the cooking time. Open and cook for approximately another half hour over very low heat to avoid burning or sticking to the bottom of the pan, stirring from time to time, until a thicker paste with no trace of liquid remains. Refrigerate, when it cools down, it is ready to be consumed.

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