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The temptation to eat a sweetie after lunch, bet on a cake to accompany coffee or to eat fried food as an afternoon snack is a normal sensation on a stressful day of service. But normally, when we are in the work environment, it is more difficult to fulfill those desires. Whether it’s because we have the healthy snack ready to deflect the momentum or because the what we want is not available.

During the coronavirus pandemic, adding to the stress, anxiety and the feeling of general insecurity, food impulses to compensate for the negative feelings can be even greater and the refrigerator, cupboard and stove are right there, just a few steps away, in the case of those who managed to work from home.

The focus should not be on appearance, but it is important to avoid fluctuations in weight during this period. There are also people who are unable to feed themselves due to the emotional difficulties triggered more strongly by isolation. In such cases, weakness, drop in performance, headaches and dizziness are some of the symptoms that can arise more immediately.

So we have to focus on discipline because if not a change in weight and health in general is impossible. The focus should be on changing lives looking for health as a whole.

The main mistake of people looking for better health through food is to believe in the existence of miraculous foods or nutrients that will work wonders for your body. The more exotic, the more the food and supplement industry makes money on false promises. The problem comes from our culture of remedying rather than preventing. Instead of changing their lifestyle to enjoy good health, many find the changes very painful and continue to bet on obscure scientific discoveries in the form of pills or magic foods that promise to solve their problems without much effort.

There is a big difference between the chemical effect of food on the body compared to the effect of a medicine. A large part of the drugs will act quickly to replace or inhibit enzymes, hormones or other forms of peptides. Food does not work that way. They act indirectly as precursors of these substances, providing the building blocks of enzymes and hormones, or directly altering the intestinal bacterial flora and generating enzymatic and hormonal reactions. It is the balance between nutritional factors that can benefit your health, and not the isolated consumption of a superfood or supplement.

Your immunity depends on physical barriers, such as the intestinal mucosa and intestinal epithelium, in addition to the chemical balance between inflammation and resolution. As long as food is seen as a medication to be taken at the right doses and times, it increases the chances of providing a favorable environment and nutrients that will keep your immune system optimized and your health protected.

When in doubt, use the wise advice of our parents and grandparents: don’t get up from the table before eating all your vegetables, get out of front of the TV and “go play in the sun”, don’t leave home without taking your fish oil , avoid frequent consumption of processed foods and consume a good portion of lean proteins (egg whites, fish fillets, lean meats, etc…).

In times of pandemic, not only is healthy eating a good thing but a positive mind is essential, it all depends on being the best version of ourselves and being sure that better days will come.

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