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Choosing what to eat at night is important for those who want to have a full night’s sleep. It is necessary to be aware of what to consume before going to sleep, because some foods can interfere with sleep. What we eat at night can have other effects on the body. Some foods can impair sleep quality and even lead to weight gain.

Some examples of what we shouldn’t eat at night:

Caffeine: present in coffee, mate tea and cola-based soft drinks

Thermogenic like cinnamon, ginger and pepper

Sugar, sweets in general

Fats, present in red meat, pizza and pastries, for example

Fried foods such as potato chips and snacks

Caloric foods, such as breads, pastas, pies, industrialized snacks

Heavy dishes, such as lasagna, stews

Excessive fluids, which can wake up many times during the night to eliminate excess

A research from the University of Oregon found that eating late at night can make you gain weight. This is because consuming caloric foods close to bedtime causes the body to store energy, instead of spending it.

At night, we usually choose dinner foods that help you relax after a long day, especially if it is difficult to sleep. However, we often choose dishes that are energetic, but even if they are healthy, they are for other times of the day.

Small changes in habits make a difference in quality of life and for those who want to lose weight, meals should be light and low in calories, such as a glass of rice, soy or milk, a yogurt, a strawberry smoothie or a gelatine. Avocado smoothie, banana with nuts or milk with honey are also excellent options.

So we can conclude that eating well in addition to weight loss helps our sleep, sleep better and smile more and I’m sure your life will be much better.

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