Do you eat a carbohydrate-restricted diet?

Zucchini or eggplant are already clichés when it comes to low carb lasagna for dinner. Most recipes are made with legumes, vegetables, natural tomato sauce and some type of protein, such as ground beef or shredded chicken. However, there are several other alternatives that are also low in carbohydrates for this dish modification.

Remembering that you do not need to stop eating carbohydrates at night to lose weight. It’s not just the last few meals that matter, but what you’ve eaten throughout your day, totaling a calorie deficit. If you practice physical activities in the late afternoon or evening, it is interesting that your body replenishes some lost energy substrate, which will be important for muscle repair.

You will learn how to prepare a low carb protein lasagna with ingredients that are easy to find and very economical. The meal is ideal for that family dinner or lunch.

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2 tablespoons of almond or coconut flour

2 eggs

100 g of sour cream

100 g of grated mozzarella cheese


2 boiled and shredded chicken breasts

4 skinless and seedless chopped tomatoes

1/2 chopped onion

2 crushed garlic cloves

1/2 sachet of tomato sauce

Salt and black pepper


200 g of mozzarella cheese

Oregano to sprinkle

Preparation mode

In a blender, blend all the ingredients of the dough until it becomes homogeneous

Then heat a skillet (preferably rectangular) with a little butter

Over medium heat, place a ladle of the dough to cook until bubbles begin to form in the dough

With the help of a spatula, turn and cook on the other side for 1 more minute

Repeat this process until the dough runs out



Heat a pan with a little butter

Put the onion and garlic to fry

As soon as they are lightly browned, add the shredded chicken and the chopped tomatoes

Lower the heat and sauté until the tomatoes have come apart

Add the tomato sauce, add the basil and let the sauce reduce

Set the salt and add the black pepper

Turn off the oven when the sauce is already consistent


In an ovenproof dish, spread a thin layer of sauce

Then cover it with the dough previously made

Add another layer of sauce and cover with mozzarella cheese

Repeat this process until you reach the top of the refractory, ending with mozzarella and sprinkled oregano

Bake it in the oven at 220º C until it gets brown

Serve it hot

The simple lasagna is a great bet for that day when you want a very neat dish. Especially when cooking time is short. Even so, you can get a very tasty result. So you already know that it is possible to adapt any dish to a healthy lifestyle. But this one unites the useful to the pleasant in addition to being fast, it is light and very practical.

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