How to set a goal ?

What if the first step is not clear to you? If things are so confusing that you can’t even define what your goals are?

Understand that this is very common and that you are not alone, but you will need to take some actions to resolve this issue and it is something that only you can do, as it concerns what you want for your life.

So come on, get a pen and paper and start describing everything you would like to achieve in your life, don’t stop in the face of impossibilities, fears and opinions that fall short, this is your assessment and it only matters to you.

Once you have listed your desires, you need to use common sense to filter your list, as there is no point in dreaming about unreal things, they will just be good fantasies and you need to have this clear.

Then separate these items into three columns following the precepts that the goals define what you want to be, what values ​​you want to strengthen and what defects you have to overcome. Goals that direct you to what you want to do, such as sports, travel, courses. And finally, separate the goals on what you want to have.

With this scheme in place you need to give them a term, defining short, medium or long term periods.

And finally, shape your goal, create in your mind the image of these goals achieved, project your mind to the moment when they are a reality and feel what it will be like for you.

It is an exercise in imagination, but it will lead you to a desired future.

We have already talked here about why goals are important and how they help in reaching the goal and that is why nothing will give more subsidies to achieve what you want how to stay focused on the goal.

The 7 steps for you to stay focused

Without the focus you will be lost, making mistakes or dedicating your time to completing activities that will be palliative or will not lead you to your final goal. So, here are 7 steps for you to keep your focus on the goal…

1- Time

The time you dedicate to achieving your goals is directly linked to the success of the search.

For some people waking up early can be a challenge, but it can give you more time in the day to get things done.

A tip is if you aim to wake up every day at 7:30 am, set the clock to wake up at 6:40 am. Your body will wake up from sleep, but it will give you a few more minutes to really react, making you wake up at the planned time.

2- Difficult task

When you are faced with a pile of activities to do, however much your desire is to give up and do nothing, it does not help, they will not solve themselves and the worst, they will accumulate with those of the next day.

So, take advantage of your initial energy to do the most difficult part, which requires more reasoning and focus.

With that, during the day, when you feel more tired, you will only have to perform more automatic actions that require less of you.

3- Optimization

It’s no use! You will not be able to do everything at the same time.

The human body has limits and needs to be respected and that is why you need to learn how to optimize your time.

Perform each task at its proper time and provide short intervals so that your mind can relax and your body can change the environment, relaxing muscles, changing the field of view.

Organizing time and providing break times, even if they are short, are important factors in helping to stay focused.

4- Lists

To-do lists always appear as an excellent tool to stay focused and make routine more practical.

They should be done subdivided into daily, weekly and even monthly activities if necessary, but what really matters is that they are fulfilled.

Of course, there are eventualities and if one day’s activity cannot be done, it should be the next day’s priority and avoid accumulations.

5- Awards

Focus on the goal is not just work, you need to be rewarded along the way so that activities do not become a burden.

I know the big prize is reaching your final goal, but the process of reaching your goal can be long and not benefiting from it in the process can make things discouraging.

Think of something to be awarded as a prize at the end of each day of work well done. Little treats make you like you more and give you motivation to stay focused.

6- Physical activities

The practice of physical activities is a great ally to stay focused.

It gives resistance and renews the energies of the body, in addition to oxygenating the brain and clearing thoughts.

Think of something to be awarded as a prize at the end of each day of work well done. Little treats make you like you more and give you motivation to stay focused.

All activities are welcome, so do something you like. Dance, go for a walk, ride a bike, go for a walk with the dog.

Keeping the body in motion will only bring benefits.

7- Know your limits

To work exhaustively, not to eat, to create social isolation, all that will only cause new deviations from the focus to be created. What appears to be a tool for speeding up the process and pursuing the fastest goals, will only cause you to accumulate defeats.

Difficulties pass, struggles will always exist, but victory is certain for those who do not give up and put courage ahead of their dreams. Believe that you are capable, never doubt the possibilities, everything is possible.

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