Although we know the importance of fresh food in our diet, the reality is quite different. Increasingly, we have tried to eat fast, preferably with practicality. For this reason snacks, crackers and more snacks have become the preference of many people.

We forget the harms that these industrialized foods do to our health.

Stop eating industrialized foods, which are not at all nutritious and opt for fresh food can guarantee a better quality of life. First of all, it is necessary to have a nutritional follow-up and thus find out which foods can be part of the diet.

The important thing is to have a gradual adaptation, replacing what is bad, with fresh, highly nutritious food.

We list below 10 advantages and benefits of consuming fresh food.

It is worth remembering that, before starting any diet, medical monitoring is necessary.

10 advantages of fresh food.

What are the advantages of consuming fresh foods instead of processed foods?

Check it out below.

1 – Practicality

Fresh foods are quick to prepare or do not even require preparation, as is the case with fruits. An example of a quick snack is a carrot cut into strips. In addition to being nutritious, it is fresh. Raw foods preserve their vitamins and nutrients, unlike when cooked. If the carrot didn’t look attractive, then what do you think of a fruit? There is a wide variety of healthy fruits.

2 – Variation of the menu

Whoever intends to opt for healthy meals, it is always interesting to choose seasonal foods. This way it is possible to maintain a variety, not get sick and still save. This is because seasonal foods are generally cheaper, due to their offer. In addition, always preparing the same dishes can become tiring and the routine becomes nauseating. The more you can vary, the better. Check out the benefits that healthy eating has in your life.

3 – Diabetes and high blood pressure

Certain fresh foods can help maintain diabetes and pressure. A nutritional accompaniment is essential to know the most suitable foods for such purposes.

4 – Prevention of obesity

Choosing fresh foods can help prevent obesity. This is thanks to its nutritional values ​​and vitamins. Changing industrialized products can bring great health and balance benefits

5 – Disease prevention

Fresh foods, thanks to vitamins and their properties can even help in preventing diseases. Currently people searched for natural foods, as well as organic consumption. Organic foods are generally grown without pesticides and chemicals for their preservation. These are highly harmful to health and can cause disease, as well as cancer

6 – Digestion and satiety

The consumption of fresh food also benefits digestion. Because they have large amounts of fiber in their composition, they contribute to digestion. The fibers in turn also produce a feeling of satiety. These are one of the big differences between industrialized and fresh foods. They don’t weigh on the stomach

7 – Flavor

Fresh food allows for incredible taste experiences. Sweet, sour and bitter. Nature offers a variety of flavors so that we can have different taste experiences.

8 – Hydration

Most fresh foods are rich in water. Even more so when it comes to fruits. In addition to refreshing, they hydrate and replenish the body’s electrolytes, which we lose throughout the day. Fruits are rich in vitamins, which contribute to the balance of the body’s health. Apple, watermelon and pear are examples of juicy fruits, which help in hydration. See also the importance of drinking water.

9 – Economy

Buying fresh food is often incredibly cheaper than processed foods. In addition to the benefits for the body and the body, you also have advantages in your pocket! That’s because seasonal foods generally tend to be cheaper. When it comes to fruits and vegetables.

10 – Rich in vitamins

Fresh foods are rich in nutrients and vitamins. These essential for the health of the body. Certain foods help to increase immunity, contributing to disease prevention. Replacing the vitamins we lose daily is essential for the proper maintenance of the body. The functioning of the brain, especially memory and reasoning, is directly linked to the vitamins absorbed from the foods we eat.

Fresh foods are essential for those seeking more quality of life, disposition and less stress.

Before starting a new healthy eating routine, it is important to consult a doctor. Medical follow-up is essential for a change in eating habits.

It is also important to drink lots of water, focus and focus and the results will come.

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  1. My husband loves to prepare meals from fresh produce (yes, his the ‘chef’ in our home) 😊. When, for example, he is making a stir fry, he will cut up fresh vegetables (like peppers, carrots, onion, garlic, mushrooms, etc). The taste is much different (and more tastier) as when you use the packets of frozen stir fry vegetables.
    Thanks for reminding us again of the benefits of using fresh food πŸ‘πŸ».

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