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After all, what are superfoods?

The so-called superfoods are characterized by the strong presence of vitamins and minerals that provide important gains to the body. The concentration of these substances is a determining factor in whether or not a food is considered a superfood.

The abundance of good substances in small portions allows people to extract great value from superfoods without having to consume in large quantities.

One point to be clarified is that not all organic or natural foods are considered superfoods. However, a recommendation for a diet rich in this type of food is still valid.

5 foods classified as superfoods


One of the most common vegetables on the table is a superfood for different reasons. Broccoli is very rich in fiber, calcium, vitamins A and C, folic acid, in addition to being characterized by the presence of the antioxidant sulforaphane, which protects cells against the appearance of cancer.


Another figurine stamped on the shopping list, the apple is possibly the most consumed superfood in the world. The fruit, like broccoli, falls into the group of superfoods because it is rich in an antioxidant, quercetin. This substance helps to reduce blood pressure and, consequently, contributes to the rebalancing of the body.

Chia seeds

Also consumed in bread recipes, chia seeds should not go unnoticed by people. This food is rich in omega 3, manganese, phosphorus, calcium, as well as fiber and protein. The potent combination makes chia assist in cleaning the intestine and controlling blood glucose levels. Not to mention the feeling of satiety that chia produces.


Blueberry, also known as blueberry, is considered a superfood mainly due to the presence of the compound oligomeric proanthocyanidins. The name is complicated, but the benefits they bring to the body are beyond valuable. These substances improve the functioning of blood vessels and decrease the risks of oxidative stress and pain in the joints and muscles.

Bitter chocolate

That’s right, we have chocolate on the superfoods list! But pay attention to one detail: only dark chocolate (70% cocoa) can fall into this category.

A small amount of dark chocolate offers a good dose of flavonoids, substances that lower bad cholesterol – or LDL. The same flavonoids also stabilize blood sugar levels and blood flow.

Understanding what superfoods are is a decisive step towards better nutrition. Right here on our blog, we help you to define a well-balanced diet rich in the substances that your body needs most.

In general, they are ideal for people who have a hectic routine, since they promise to fill the lack of nutrients that are essential for our body. This lack is often caused by the high consumption of industrialized products.

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