That physical activity is essential to improve health, prevent and help fight various diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension and even depression, you certainly already know. After all, leaving sedentary lifestyle aside is good at any age and helps to keep your body in balance and your mood high. The problem is to include some sports practice on the agenda. For many people, just thinking about waking up early or sleeping later to be able to fit some type of exercise into this already-so-adapted lifestyle is – literally – challenging.

However, it is exactly because of the increasingly busy routine, with long working hours, and often doubled – outside and inside the house – that experts are unanimous in recommending that people look at you , for your physical and emotional needs. And in this case, physical activity enters as an escape valve, a moment of its own, in the face of so many worries and daily chores.

Leaving the comfort zone is close

The most important thing, according to experts, to kick-start and start some sports practice, is to get out of your comfort zone. After all, although it is super tiring to have an exhausting day at work, it is rewarding to get home and throw yourself on the couch to watch the newspaper, the soap opera or your favorite series. Reflecting on your health, your energy, your mood in the face of everyday setbacks, can help you find a physical activity that gives you pleasure. This way, you decrease the risk of giving up on the first difficulty that comes up. It is leaving aside the lack of time as an excuse to put the exercise on another day’s agenda. After all, the problems will remain there, daily. It is necessary to learn to deal with them, and to organize themselves so that physical activity is part of this new routine, as a responsibility that will guarantee moments of relaxation and pleasure afterwards.

We believe that everyone can be better, every day! In the beginning it can be quite complicated to change a habit. And that is why we want to help you, sending tips, reminders, recipes… One thing we are sure of: the world changes when we change things around us!

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