Did you know that the intestine is considered the second brain in the human body? With about 100 million neurons connected to the brain region, several studies and scientific theses point to the organ, which is divided into thin and thick, as one of the most important strongholds of serotonin production (about 80%), the neurotransmitter responsible for our sensations, both physical and emotional. Therefore, and even in that, following a healthy diet is indispensable for the correct functioning of this substance in the body.

When we analyze the fact that the intestine is fundamental in the formation of serotonin, nothing more needs to be added. The joy and emotional intelligence, which we need so much to live well, really start from the gut. That is why we can only guarantee this fantastic organ with first-rate raw materials, which we achieve with a healthy and organic diet.

The inclusion of foods with probiotics, found in yogurt, milk and dairy products, contributes to strengthening the immune system, regulating the intestine and improving the absorption of many nutrients in the diet, are also essential.

Foods for your gut to function well

Banana: Found at all times of the year, bananas increase the production of the hormone serotonin, which improves mood and the feeling of well-being.

Coconut: It is great for good intestinal functioning and, in cases of dehydration, it works as an excellent vegetable serum, as it is rich in minerals.

Oats: This cereal is a source of soluble fibers, which are partially digested by the intestine, delaying gastric emptying and prolonging satiety.

Lettuce: The most abundant fiber in lettuce is cellulose, which speeds up intestinal emptying and decreases the pressure inside it, being essential for those who suffer from a lazy intestine.

Yogurt: A rich source of probiotics, this food uses milk sugar (lactose) to produce energy and proliferate, eliminating lactic acid, a substance that increases the acidity of intestinal flora and inhibits the proliferation of harmful bacteria.

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