Proteins play a very important role in our lives, they are essential nutrients for the human body, so we need a significant amount of them for our body to function well.

They are proteins that help in the formation of hormones, enzymes and antibodies.

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Eating protein-rich foods and drinking water can balance the functioning of our body, the lack of which can cause a major imbalance. Since proteins are in charge of building and repairing the foundation of the body’s tissue.

However, excessive consumption of proteins can cause many side effects, such as overloading the liver, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, obesity among other things.

Weight loss solutions come from everywhere: weight loss pills, online coach, training with an instructor, advice from a nutritionist, weight loss diet, high protein diet, medical treatment, among other things. Among all these solutions to lose weight, the protein-rich diet is referred to as a healthy diet.

In accordance with the nutritional needs and even dietary restrictions of each one, the diet can be modified or adapted in order to meet different objectives.

In general, we must give priority to a balanced and balanced diet, with an adequate amount of foods essential to health.

But pay attention, a diet can even meet your nutritional and calorie needs and not contain a certain nutrient, or contain in excess. Therefore, it is worth having a professional’s consultation, he is the most suitable person to adjust your diet to your needs.

And how a balanced diet should be:

Corresponding to the metabolic situation of each person

Complete to the point of ensuring all nutritional needs

Enough to ensure the day-to-day energy needs

Contemplate different nutrients so that one food complements the other

In this sense, contrary to what many believe, diet is not about deprivation, it is about balancing food with a certain objective, all in a healthy way. The diet to lose weight is almost always to reduce calorie intake.

Check out the most popular foods due to their low fat content. Are they:

Lean red meat

Lean fish

Grilled chicken

Dairy products

Raw vegetables



Dried fruits, etc.

It is not about reducing the amount of food, but minimizing the amount of energy ingested. This is how we will have weight control, resulting in a slimmer body.

How to lose weight with a protein diet

Often criticized by doctors and nutritionists, the protein diet has already fallen in the minds of many artists. This diet is the way that people find to lose weight quickly, there are even reports of people who have lost 7 kilos in less than a month.

This diet consists of cutting carbohydrates and replacing with proteins such as red meat, eggs, cheese, chicken and other proteins. But it is worth noting that these proteins must be consumed after a physical exercise routine, since one of the functions of proteins is to provide energy.

Furthermore, proteins are involved in the process of gaining muscle mass, that is, a high protein diet combined with a physical exercise routine can help you lose fat and gain mass.

What is the Dukan Diet?

Dukan Diet – Created by French nutritionist Pierra Dukan, this diet has become a fever in England, it is believed that even Princess Kate Middleton has adopted it. The diet is a more modern version of the famous protein diet, the Dukan diet promises results of up to 4 pounds per week lost. But let’s face it, everything depends on the regular sports routine and good eating habits of those who practice.

Pierre Dukan’s diet program is divided into four phases which you will see below:

First phase – In this phase, the participant should only eat protein-based food, such as lean meats, skinless chicken, seafood, yogurt and other things. Ah! according to the protocol of the diet, it is not allowed to use olive oil or butter, nor to complement the meals with vegetables. It is recommended that the participant drink plenty of water to eliminate toxins, at least 3 liters.

Second phase – After ten days of diet, greens and vegetables can be inserted in the diet, with a proviso for rice, potatoes, corn and peas, as these foods are restricted in this phase.

Third phase – Here they consider it to be the stage in which the participants have already reached the expected goal, this stage consists of maintaining the weight, they recommend that the menu of the previous stage be repeated. But now, with the right to eat one fruit a day and eat two free meals a week. Without exaggeration, of course!

Fourth stage – The last stage is the maintenance phase, there are no prohibitions, but common sense is recommended.

Side effects of the Dukan diet:

May cause bad breath

Dry mouth



In the long run, the diet can increase cholesterol, overload the kidneys, bring cardiovascular problems … In addition to fatigue, nausea and headaches.

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What foods are high in protein?

We can find proteins in large amounts in some vegetables, these are good for maintaining the proper functioning of the body, so they are quite incorporated into vegetarian diets.

Foods rich in animal protein:


Chicken meat



Grilled salmon





Food rich in vegetable protein:








Flax seeds

Important tip: Some foods rich in vegetable proteins only form good quality proteins if they combine amino acids from other foods. Check out some examples:

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The classic rice and beans

Corn and quinoa

Peas and brown rice

Wheat and lentil

Foods rich in lean protein

These are foods rich in lean protein, the aforementioned foods of plant origin and some low-fat meats such as turkey breast, egg white, chicken breast and some lean fish …

It is worth noting that lean protein foods favor muscle growth, preventing diseases such as high cholesterol, obesity and atherosclerosis.

What are the disadvantages of a protein-rich diet?

Certainly, this diet is not the darling of health experts, many wonder if this protein-rich diet works.

If, on the one hand, this diet allows you to lose weight quickly, on the other hand it offers little weight stabilization, since it does not prevent weight gain in the medium and long term. It should not even be repeated in such a short time, as it offers serious damage to health.

There are a number of losses that a low-nutrient diet can cause. Such as:

Fatigue due to deficiency of other vitamin sources

Delay in intestinal transit due to lack of dietary lipids

The lack of calcium that can cause, among other diseases, osteoporosis

Overloading the kidneys, due to large water consumption per day

Understand that some extreme diets may seem miraculous at first, but they should not be done in the long run, as there is a risk of suffering from the side effects.

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Another major aggravating factor in programs that offer fat burning immediately, is the lack of commitment to address healthier and more balanced measures for weight control.

In these radical diets, little is said about the importance of a balanced diet and physical exercise routine. Many diets that offer miracles hardly encourage the adoption of a healthier life.

So … What should I do to lose weight?

If you’ve made it this far, you’re on the right track. Keep up with us!

The practice of sports, although it takes a little longer to notice the first signs of weight loss, is the healthiest way to lose weight. In addition to promoting the release of endorphins and serotonins, responsible for the sensation of pleasure and well-being. These hormones are essential to regain self-confidence and continue playing sports.

Last, and not least!

Physical activity combined with a balanced and balanced diet can potentiate the burning of calories.

Well, so you can see how to be careful when starting a diet and always remember that we are the ones who work the miracles with our willpower and perseverance.

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