Understanding that Low Carb is not a diet is important to put this diet into practice in the right way. In this text I explain a little more about Low Carb as a style of eating for life. Take a look and see!

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A very common mistake of those who still do not understand exactly what Low Carb is to think that it is a fad diet, whose sole purpose is to lose weight.

Although the Low Carb diet can, yes, help the control of lasting and sustainable weight, it is a dietary strategy that can offer positive results in several aspects in health throughout life.

Clarifying this is the first step in being able to incorporate Low Carb nutrition into your routine and not think it is something to do for a few days, just to lose a few pounds.

And that is why Low Carb should not be a concept of restriction!

Nobody can follow a very restricted diet for life.


That’s where many make mistakes. Therefore, it is essential to understand it in order to know how to apply it.

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Unfortunately the consumption of carbohydrates is quite exaggerated nowadays.

Of course, think with me: almost everything we eat has carbohydrates – bread, fruits, cookies, grains, pasta, juices, bars, tapioca, jam, granola, honey … we are exposed to this food group all day, aren’t we?

And carbohydrates turn into blood sugar, which in turn stimulates the production of the hormone insulin, which in turn blocks the body from burning fat.

Do you understand the importance of dosing them for health?

Although some people can do well with larger amounts of carbohydrates, others, unfortunately, do not have results with such a large and frequent consumption.

They gain weight, develop metabolic diseases, lose health and energy.

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So, is Low Carb a lifestyle?

Yes, Low Carb may be in fashion, but it is not a new concept or based on guesswork. There’s a lot of science behind it!

It is a food style that can be followed for life, as it allows a lot of freedom, does not count calories and does not focus on quantities.

The incentive is that you eat real food, until you feel full, without the need to eat at a predetermined time spacing (whew!).

You respect your hunger your physiology; it makes a lot more sense than eating every 3 hours without feeling hungry, don’t you think?

Of course, the idea is that you have more satiety with a higher consumption of good fats and without the hormonal spikes caused by excess carbohydrates (especially refined).

With that, he learns to listen and respect his signs of hunger and satiety, something fundamental and that many already do not know how to do.

Yes, of course, nothing happens alone.

As with any gain, there are a few things to give up.

Carbohydrates, especially refined, can be “addictive” and you need to teach your body to use a new fuel, which can take time.

You also need to be willing to listen to your body again with more care and attention.

But it is relatively easy to follow.

Let’s agree that eggs in butter, avocado, meat or legumes with vegetables, olive oil, sweets or breads made with almond flour, cured cheeses, chestnuts and even a chocolate rich in cocoa and red wine are not sacrificing foods, do you agree?

Not to mention that nothing prevents you from eating a very traditional chocolate from time to time!

The important thing is the whole, the lifestyle that follows. That’s why I find this style of eating the most liberating.

I adopted this diet a few years ago, since I studied it thoroughly and started to apply the concepts in my life.

I felt many, many positive changes in my health, in addition to a major transformation in my body, even after having two daughters.

I can say that today I have a much better body and health than before I was a mother and I know that I owe it to my lifestyle, which I have been refining over the years and the studies I have done.

There is no suffering, but a lot of pleasure in following a diet that allows me to dine out, travel, eat with pleasure and still get positive results.

The same goes for the patients I attend and to whom I recommend this style of eating.

This is also useful for the countless people who have already participated in my health program “Low Carb Challenge”. Most report that the lessons learned there have repercussions on their lives to this day.

That’s why I talk so much about this food!

Because I believe it as a great option for a healthier life.

Of course it is not the only one, but it is an excellent path. 🙂

I’m constantly posting tips, articles and recipes on this subject here and on my social networks.

My goal is to help you understand all the details of the Low Carb lifestyle without any prejudice, showing that it is possible to find a balanced diet without forgetting to eat what you love.

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