Meditate, dance, do artistic or manual activities, cook, do physical exercises, any and all activities that put you in the presence, slow down the mind, let go of the body and do you good! To prevent diseases is to prioritize this harmony. It is doing what is good for us.

And looking at it this way, we can see clearly: this pandemic has also come to open up our minds about how much health needs to be seen in an integrative way. So take care of your triad. Take care of you.

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It is a fact that the human being strives for well-being. Who doesn’t like to be at peace with themselves, with the tranquility of laying their heads on the pillow without worries… of having a pleasant night’s sleep and waking up rested to start a new day?

But this is only possible if you are in harmony with yourself, respecting the fundamental rules of your Being, so as not to wobble and fall.

You may have heard the expression “the body speaks”. In fact, your body talks to you at all times, especially when something is not going well. The human being is a complex organism, subdivided into cells, tissues, organs, systems and members. When we feel pain, or physical discomfort, we receive a warning signal from the body to identify what we did (or are doing) wrong.

It is your responsibility to take care of your physical vehicle, giving it the maintenance it needs to function properly, through healthy eating, adequate hydration (drinking water essentially), and exercising it. Our body was created to move and not to stand still. Therefore, it is essential to work with movement, with walking, stretching, working with flexibility and resistance.

Strengthening the muscles is very important, as it even prevents us from straining the joints. Your joints are grateful! Do you realize that, by taking care of our body in a healthy way, we decrease the chances of acquiring diseases, not to mention that we provide ourselves with a healthy development, with greater strength, resistance and longevity? Who does not want to have an old age with a healthy and resistant body?

Observe, then, the signals that your body gives you and, in addition to the doctor, also orient yourself with a Therapist.

The mind represents your conscience and your will. Through the mind we think and make choices at every moment of our existence. It is impossible not to make choices. Deciding not to choose is also a choice. Choices are necessary, as they represent our free will and our ability to learn and thus evolve.

Our learnings occur whenever we interact with the world. And the way we will react to the experiences we have is that it will show how much our mind is capable of being resilient, that is, of reflecting on the situation to the point of understanding it, without being shaken.

In this context, the human body can become a catalyst, a ground wire, for energy drains from the misfits of the mind. That is, if we are unable to resolve an issue that shakes our thoughts, the probability or tendency to sum up this situation is very large, as we have already seen.

Somatization is the signal that the body sends to warn us that we are not being able to cope well with some situation in our life. It is, therefore, a process that begins in the mind. It will take more or less time for a summation to occur, depending on the intensity of the focus of our thoughts on that same issue.

Meditation is a fundamental practice to calm thoughts and calm the mind. Through meditation we are able to connect with our essence, our pure and wise Higher Self, divine spark, to receive the intuitions that will allow us to walk our journey with greater security and wisdom. Through a calm and confident mind, it is possible to establish the balance of emotions and restore the proper functioning of our body, sending him synaptic signals that everything is in order. Meditation is a great preventive of somatization.

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Body, Mind and Spirit are interconnected, connected, and need each other to expand in experience and wisdom. Through the body, the spirit can manifest itself, with mind and emotions can interact with the world and with other expanding minds, all together for a single goal, grow in love and live in harmony, helping each other to live and remember who they really are: real beings, capable of creating a reality of light and peace for themselves and for the whole world.

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