Packing and getting to know the world is so good! Visiting new countries, cities and cultures, in addition to being an enriching experience, distracts, cheers, relaxes and generates self-knowledge and well-being in our lives.

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When we travel, inevitably, and even on purpose, there is a change of routine, changes in schedules, and the food part is one of the most felt. Keeping healthy and well-regulated meals during a trip, however, can be as simple as it looks.

Despite the lack of routine, during a trip we can maintain a healthy diet, just want to. On the plane or airport, for example, we did not find very healthy snacks. So, first of all, plan yourself. Buy healthy bars and snacks, fruit or nuts to take with you. Thus, you guarantee light snacks and still spend less money, leaving more for tours and shopping.

Tenants or Great Tenants

See other tips for maintaining a good diet while traveling

  • Breakfast: Make a hearty breakfast, with fruits (rich in fiber), eggs or yogurt, cherries, oats, etc. Avoid white breads, shortbread cookies, cakes.
  • Lunch and dinner: Take a look at the whole menu, there are usually lighter and healthier options. Choose more natural sauces and seasonings and avoid calorie and sugar-filled drinks like sodas. At dessert time, escape the sweets.
  • During the tours: If you go to places with beaches, avoid eating snacks from street vendors, as the origin is unknown and we run the risk of getting sick.
  • Make your own snack, hydrate yourself and walk: You can take your snack if you prefer. Also, drink plenty of water. Hydrate yourself! Don’t stay still. Go walking around the places! Move around.
  • Fugir da dieta: Poxa, não posso comer nada fora da dieta? Claro que pode. É uma questão de equilíbrio: Conhecer a cultura local e seus pratos típicos é maravilhoso e deve ser incentivado. Viajamos para espairecer e curtir, por isso, curta! Só não vale exagerar e comer “errado” em todos os dias da viagem.
Tenants or Great Tenants

There are natural, organic and light options that respect the food itself and the health of those who consume it. Living like this brings much more benefits, doesn’t it ?! But everyone knows that a natural diet is not an easy task, especially when the routine is broken in some way.

In addition to being a source of nutrients, eating is also fraternizing, sharing good times and being happy. Pleasure is part of the food! That is why it is worth relaxing a little, asking for what you like, trying new flavors and enjoying your trip.


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