The combination of bittersweet flavors of apricot jelly, white wine and red onion makes this rib into that category of augmented food, with a special occasion taste. Waiting for the brine calls for patience, but it is worth it: the result is a very moist, tender and tasty meat.


1 piece of pork rib (about 1.5 kg or 12 slats)

⅔ cup (tea) of salt

⅓ cup (tea) of sugar

3 liters of water

3 branches of bay leaf


In a high-edge baking dish (or large bowl), mix the water with the salt and sugar. Attention: the roasting pan must be large and deep so that the ribs can be immersed in the whey. If the rib piece is very fat, remove the excess.
Dip the ribs in the baking dish, add the laurels, cover with film and leave in the refrigerator for 12 hours (if you prefer, prepare the night before). If the ribs are not completely immersed in the whey due to the size of your roasting pan, turn the piece in half the time to hydrate it evenly.

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