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Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? After all, our bodies spend hours fasting and need energy to face the routine that lies ahead. The problem is that many people do not value this meal properly – and some do not even have the habit of eating in the morning.

To encourage you to start your day in a healthy way, we have separated 6 breakfast ideas to vary the menu. So, you don’t run the risk of getting sick over time!Prepare tapioca with different fillings.

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A very light, nutritious and tasty option for breakfast is stuffed tapioca

The best part, even, is that you can vary the fillings. Cheese, tomato and oregano, for example, is one of the most delicious. You can also make pastries (ricotta with spinach or eggplant, for example) to eat together with tapioca every morning. What about?

How about preparing an omelet with spices?

Eggs also make breakfast a lot healthier and more nutritious, you know? Our tip is to invest in different versions of omelets to vary from day to day. You can add tomatoes, onions, oregano, pepper, cheese, ham, parsley, chives and any other ingredients you prefer. The idea is to really care about the spices to give a different touch.

Make sandwiches with different types of bread

Varying the types of bread is also a good strategy to avoid the risk of getting sick over time. You can use Arabic, wholegrain, Australian, multigrain breads and other versions on a daily basis. To fill, use jam, cheese (mines, mozzarella etc.), curd or even homemade pasties. It’s up to you!

Yogurt with granola + fruit

If you are looking for a healthy and easy alternative, a good tip is to bet on the combination of yogurt and granola. Also add some cut berries (watermelon, melon, papaya and strawberry, for example) which is perfect! This is a great tip for those who are not in the habit of eating in the morning, as it is a very light and nutritious combo. Yogurt can even be consumed in several ways (including used in the preparation of vitamins).

Bet on fruit vitamins

How about preparing fruit smoothies to start the day on the right foot? The combination of banana + oats + cocoa, for example, is one of the most delicious. You can also make strawberry, papaya, avocado smoothie and even play with mixing the ingredients. Just use a mixer or blender to beat everything and then just serve yourself.

Pancake with varied fillings is a healthier option

Have you ever thought about preparing fit pancakes (made with oatmeal) for breakfast? After preparing the dough, which is usually quite simple, just invest in the filling of your choice. Banana with honey and cinnamon, for example, is a great alternative. You can also bet on the combination of cheese, tomato and oregano that is delicious!

So, what did you think of the breakfast ideas? You can vary it each week to make your diet more diverse and tasty – just get organized to buy all the necessary ingredients.

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