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Find out how to respect differences and improve contact with the people around you.

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We are unique beings. Each of us has our race, religion, beliefs, choices and points of view. And here at MetLife we ​​believe that our differences and our power to live with them, in an inclusive and respectful way, make us go further.

That is why we defend the importance of respect, inclusion and tolerance. It is these characteristics that allow us to be more free and live in an egalitarian society.

We also believe that respecting and accepting what is different is an important factor for the development of our self-knowledge, and for this reason, we want to give you some tips for you to practice respect, inclusion and tolerance in your daily life.

Respecting does not mean agreeing. It also does not mean encouraging.

It would be strange if we all thought the same way and believed in the same things. Without divergence, there is no discussion, much less evolution.

The important thing is to respect the other, even if we don’t agree with some aspects of his life. It is not for us to judge or be intolerant.

When we don’t hear or accept anything other than what we believe to be true, we can act on the basis of prejudice and even in a discriminatory way.

In order to live in a healthy and constructive society, we do not need to agree or follow what the other thinks. But it is everyone’s role to respect and understand that, although different, we have the same rights to equality and freedom of expression.

5 ways to practice respect in the face of differences

Practice active listening, show interest and listen to the other’s opinion and points of view, without judgment.
Be patient.

Pay attention to the way you express yourself.

Evaluate the words, the form and how your speech will be received by the other.

Practice empathy and seek to understand feelings and attitudes, always taking into account the other person’s perspective, and do not judge based on your point of view.

Influence the people around you and show the importance of respecting the characteristics and choices of each individual.

In a world in which we increasingly interact, whether in person or through social media, we are increasingly exposed to different types of thoughts and energies.

We have a lot more contact with people and consequently all kinds of interaction. Balance in relationships with other people we seek when we really want and care about it does not depend on others but on yourself. So we are exactly what we want to be.

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