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With the hustle and bustle of everyday life it is common for people to feel tired and look for alternatives that can help to keep pace. That is why energy drinks and pills are more and more frequent in people’s lives.

However, even if it gives more energy, these energy drinks can bring some serious health problems. Therefore, MetLife will show below what risks these consumptions can bring to your health.

What health risks can energy drinks bring?

Even though the energy drink can give you more energy to face the day, they contain substances that can affect your body, such as caffeine and sugar. These ingredients can cause insomnia, changes in heart rate, irritability and other symptoms.

The concentration of caffeine in energy drinks is equivalent to three cups of coffee. It is a high dosage that can affect your central nervous system, causing dehydration and loss of nutrients that have a calming effect.

With this you may experience anxiety, restlessness, sleep disturbances and other harmful health effects.

Excess sugar, on the other hand, increases blood glucose, causing diabetes and exhaustion even greater than what you felt before consuming the drink or pill. Even sugar-free versions contain artificial sweeteners that continue to cause stimulation and risk to life.

Are there any risks in mixing energy drink with alcoholic drink?

In ballads, it is very common for people to make this mixture to add flavor to the drink and more animation. However, the combination of caffeine or guarana with alcohol increases the chances of intoxication and stimulating substances do not reduce the effect of alcohol on the brain.

How to stay energized without using energy?

To get through the routine, you need to stay excited and in a good mood, but for that it is not necessary to use any type of substance. There are habits that can be adopted that help achieve these goals.

Maintain a schedule routine

Waking up early is not always a comfortable alternative. Often we want to stay in bed longer, but maintaining a schedule routine makes the body more adapted to the day-to-day, functioning according to your needs.

So set the alarm clock and get up as soon as it wakes up. You will get used to the time and feel better throughout the day.

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Soak up the sun

The sun is the largest producer of vitamin D in the body. Therefore, it is essential to be exposed to sunlight for a few minutes every day.

This vitamin provides calcium to the bones and helps in the release of nutrients that help fight mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety.

Eat well for breakfast

Maintaining a balanced meal based on carbohydrates and vitamins in the morning can provide more excitement, focus and well-being throughout the day, allowing you to feel willing to continue with your chores.

Energy drinks can bring harm to health, so avoid consumption and invest in something that helps maintain your quality of life.

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