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Do you need an extra dose of motivation?

The first step in combating lack of motivation is to detect thieves of courage
Motivation is a big thing. It is an extreme source of energy, will and makes what you love easier.

Motivation guides us through life and scares off the unwillingness to do things. It makes us have energy and willingness to perform tasks and overcome challenges on a daily basis.

If you are constantly asserting yourself:

“I need motivation! I am unmotivated, I feel unmotivated… ”.

So, it’s time to learn our tips to combat lack of motivation, right now!

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8 Tips to Fight Lack of Motivation

Motivation is very important to combat the unwillingness to do things.

But when it ends, we don’t know what to do. Things lose their meaning and we have no desire to act. When that happens, things stop making sense and, we are inert in the face of life.

Therefore, we need to be careful, because some things around us may be draining our motivation and leaving us prostrate.

So, before motivation stops your engagement, try to resolve it to prevent a lack of motivation from affecting you and your routine.

  1. Negative people

Negative people have a common goal: to bring you down and suck your motivation. Negative people are like zombies: they want to bring you to their side.

These people cannot accept you as you are and, therefore, consistently work to invalidate and leave you unmotivated.

They rarely have anything to contribute, and putting you down (or bringing them to your level) is the way they see contributing. Stay away from these leeches.

They usually harbor a certain envy for what you do with your life. Regardless of your recent achievements or achievements, regardless of whether you consider yourself a successful person, they will try to not only make you feel bad so that they feel better, but also harm you.

If any of these people are in your life, just take them out without hesitation. You deserve the best.

lack of motivation
Be careful with negative people. They are ready to suck your motivation.

  1. Bad news

We are constantly around some kind of influence: TV, friends, social media, the internet and so on.

This influence has the ability to affect us in 2 ways: to motivate and make us more confident about ourselves, or it will suck up our energy and leave us unmotivated.

Imagine one day, if any influence that existed was positive and everyone was encouraging, how would we feel?

We would feel incredible, as if we were ready for anything. On the other hand, negative news will slowly bring you down, draining and draining our energy and leaving you unmotivated.

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  1. Fear of failure

Failure is a big motivator killer. Most of us look at failure the same way: that our effort means nothing and that we don’t get what we want.

This is a misnomer. You haven’t failed at something, you’re just looking at failure the wrong way.

Failure is a feedback system. It tells you what you did wrong, so that you can have the opportunity to correct, reflect and grow the next time.

It is an excellent learning tool to avoid lack of motivation.

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  1. Inaction

You have dreams, aspirations and goals. But they don’t come true if you don’t act.

What all this requires is a simple correction in your posture. You need to act, no matter how much or how little. Just do things and, everything starts to change.

Do things while it’s still time, before it’s too late.

  1. Don’t overdo it

Don’t overdo it. This may seem the opposite of the point above, but remember that you are not a robot. Being productive is great, but there are times when you just need a break.

Taking a break has been a proven exercise to reduce stress, increase productivity, have a new perspective and relax.

  1. Forget the past

The past must stay in the past. Leave it there, please.

He is not here, it has already happened, so you must move on. This is simple advice, but very difficult to implement.

But keeping your focus on your breath helps you think about the present and the future. Get into the habit of being aware of your breathing: focus on your inhalation, your exhalation and pause in between.

Past issues in our lives, in addition to never being of any use, are always negative. And negative feelings do not help us with anything and just show us a time in our life when we were not happy.

When we are completely involved in our past, we forget everything around us and lose motivation.

lack of motivation
Put the past in place.

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  1. Stop living in the future

Most of us live micromanaging the details of our future. We end up wasting our energy, motivation and thinking in a time that never existed – and that will never be as we think.

That is the only certainty we can be sure about our future: it will never go as planned.

The only certainty is that there is nothing sure. So, concentrating on what we want our future to be is nonsense, and there is only 1 way to create your future: doing the work that needs to be done now.

  1. Don’t forget yourself

We live in a fast-paced world. Therefore, each of us has responsibilities and tasks that we need to take care of.

But, we must, first of all, remember that we are the priority. Otherwise, we end up without motivation.

So we need to choose what we want. We need to find time for ourselves, and make our time work for us, not the other way around.

Never forget to put yourself first in your life.

Beware of motivation thieves

We can probably classify the moments of our life that we spent with lack of motivation in one of these 8 motivation thieves: or people who wanted to suck our motivation, bad news, weight of the past, the future, fear of making mistakes and so on.

So, we need to be careful. When our motivation is over everything becomes a burden and we have no desire to move on.

When our energy is contaminated by a lack of motivation, we stop doing what gives us pleasure, simply because we no longer have any pleasure with things.

So, be prepared to detect and combat these motivational thieves. They will not only end your motivation and energy, they will also end your will to live.

Most people go through a kind of existential crisis at certain stages of life, in which the mind becomes full of questions and doubts.

Nobody is perfect and let’s face it we are surrounded every day with eyes hungry for our achievements and aspirations so we have to be able to diverge from these people and the obstacles created no matter what happens.

Life is always in a bad mood if we don’t smile at it, we won’t have a smile back. So positive thoughts and good vibes always!


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