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Personal development is essential for the constitution of a more productive person in the professional sphere and also helps to create happier and more committed people in the personal sphere.

One of the most used words at the moment for personal growth is: gratitude. It is also not for less. Inserting thanksgiving habits in your daily life allows relevant changes in your life.

Do you want to know how this can bring? Keep reading and understand how something so simple can transform your day to day. Find out what are the most common habits you can start practicing and learn about the benefits of gratitude for your life!

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It seems strange to think that just being grateful can revolutionize your life, doesn’t it? But yes, gratitude plays a fundamental role in your personal development and in improving the quality of your daily life.

Cultivating this feeling allows you to look at your reality with different eyes, giving an air of lightness and delicacy to your daily activities. You learn to have greater resilience to deal with day to day, without losing heart in the face of problems.

In the midst of the chaos of troubled routines, how often do we miss the feeling of happiness, right? Gratitude is an important ally in this process to bring the well-being necessary to be a happy and fulfilled person.

Therefore, it is essential to know how to identify: am I grateful for the things that exist in my life? Am I really thanking you for the things I have instead of complaining for what I don’t have?

If you realize that you are not applying this concept in your life, it may be time to reflect on attitudes and to see how this can become possible.


Many people have a hard time figuring out how grateful they can be. This implies significant changes in the way we perceive the world. But, in fact, it’s easy to learn to be grateful, you know?

If you don’t know where to start, then find out about some practices that assist in this process of change:


What is our first tendency to encounter a problem in our lives? Complaining, does it make sense? Something common, since there are phases where it seems that everything is absurdly difficult.

This type of posture sabotages our ability to perceive opportunities in life, even in situations of adversity. Want to see an example?

You are dissatisfied with your job, but do not have the courage to make the necessary change to find a new job and achieve a better quality of life. Behold, one day, you are fired.

What happens? You may feel defeated and complain about the situation. However, what would it be like to have other options to choose from? What if I can thank you for the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and finally go after your dream job?

A simple change of perspective, isn’t it? This is already a factor responsible for decreasing the feeling of defeat due to the feeling of motivation, in addition to being a way to go ahead with your head held high and run after what you really want.


Just the fact of smiling more is enough to provide a change of perspective and help to be a more grateful and happy person, it is already proven that it is impossible to feel gratitude and be sad at the same time.

There are even scientific reasons to encourage yourself to smile more:

Increases creativity

Makes you more attractive

Improves your mood

Connects you to other people
How about starting to insert this practice in your life?

Smile more!


We always keep thinking about what we don’t have and want to achieve, don’t we? The car of the year, a promotion, a trip, home ownership, among others.

Yes, it is important to have long-term goals and objectives. It is something that motivates us to move forward, fighting, to want to improve each day more and as important as remembering one thing: what we have at the moment also matters!

You may not have the promotion you want yet, but how do you feel about your position? Give thanks. What would it be like if you didn’t have this job right now? Do you want to travel outside the country and still can’t make it? Maybe you can be grateful for the opportunity you have to be able to at least consider that possibility.

You can recognize the good things that are present in your life today and you will realize how much a person is not only lucky, but who has also achieved a series of dreams, goals and objectives to get to the point where he is, building his legacy.

This perspective allows you to charge yourself less, to be happier, to be proud of yourself for all the things you have already achieved and to understand that there are conditions to repeat this same attitude in order to achieve your future dreams.


Something that hinders the development of gratitude in your daily life is to regret the things that have not yet been achieved. This is very common, especially when we are having difficulties in achieving something that we desire very much.

In addition to being grateful and grateful for what you have, it is important to know how to be patient and understand that some things take time, which depend on factors that are often external to our will and, therefore, being patient and having resilience makes all the difference. in the process since without it we end up feeding anxiety.

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Simple tips, isn’t it? Did you see how small changes in habits can be significant for your life? So, it’s time to start applying them in your daily life!

Provides empowerment and a sense of personal pride

Improves self-esteem

Lets you see life in a lighter way

Reduces the risk of developing problems such as anxiety and depression

It directs its efforts in the best way, allowing a better organization of its goals and objectives of life, among others.

Start to implement gratitude in your daily life and see how it will change the way you understand the world, the situations and also yourself in this whole context.

The results will be amazing!

Another important benefit is that gratitude provides better personal fulfillment.

Do you miss it? See what you may be missing in your life and change that today!


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