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There is no secret: to lose weight it is essential to have discipline, exercise and adopt good habits that can be updated in the long run. Whoever intends to lose weight in a healthy way must then follow 10 commandments that, despite being known, many people still ignore.

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Eat real food: instead of worrying excessively about nutrients like carbohydrates and proteins, focus on what you put in the market cart and run away from processed and processed foods. Canned foods, frozen meals and ready-made spices, for example, are full of chemical additives that harm diet and health.

Eat when you are hungry: listen to your body and notice when your appetite is real or if you are consuming food just for stress and anxiety. Stop eating when you are 80% satisfied and don’t think that you always need to clean your plate. So you avoid exaggeration and lose weight naturally.

Eat meals consciously: slowly chew your food, savor each mouthful and maintain a happy and healthy relationship with your food. Avoid eating in front of the TV or computer so as not to be distracted while satiating your body.

Practice physical activities daily: even if you can’t make it to the gym, take a few minutes out of your day for a run or walk around the neighborhood. At work and in the condo you live in, leave the elevator and use the stairs. Simple movements with the body already help a lot in weight loss.

Strengthen your muscles: instead of sweating your shirt just with cardio exercises, also perform strength training that boosts your metabolism and contributes to weight loss and body definition.

Transform your kitchen: remove industrialized foods and treats from the cupboards and refrigerator that are often only consumed on impulse. Keeping the environment with fruits and vegetables in sight helps to create a healthier and lighter eating habit.

Don’t look for perfection: you know that, from time to time, you will be too lazy to go to the gym or abuse some more caloric food. Do not make slips a source of great guilt and accept that you are human and that you can fail. Just stay focused so that healthy habits are dominant in your daily life.

Sleep well: maintaining a regular quality sleep routine is critical to healthy weight loss. In addition to improving memory and relieving stress and anxiety, nighttime sleep also regulates appetite-related hormones.

Update your knowledge: always find out about new healthy foods that protect your health and contribute to your diet, look for lighter substitutions for traditional dishes and test recipes to innovate on the menu and enjoy meals more.

Be grateful and happy: healthy mind, healthy body, the saying goes. So, if you can always be grateful for what you have and your abilities and learn to be more content with yourself, you can maintain a better relationship in all aspects of life, including your diet.

Anyone who wants to achieve a healthy body and eliminate those extra pounds needs to understand that balance is essential. Nobody loses weight overnight. And when this occurs, as with restrictive diets, the weight loss process tends to be inefficient and long lasting.

There is no shame in seeking help from a psychologist

The balance between body and mind is the key to healthy and long-term weight loss. This means that, many times, it is necessary to deal with other points that may be related to weight gain or the difficulty of losing it.

That is why it is so important to seek expert help. Psychological counseling helps to identify saboteur thoughts and respond to them in an adaptive manner, favoring both the initiation and maintenance of this change.

Does it seem simple to name your feelings? But how many times do we notice that some behaviors and sensations happen and it just seems to be repeated? Well, from the process of self-knowledge it is possible to know the person’s history and identify in the situations experienced which thought structures underlie the way that each one perceives the sensations and feelings that cause the behavior.

The psychotherapeutic process is a plunge into oneself, a process that helps the person to look inside and recognize themselves, thus enabling a recovery of self-esteem.

It is very common for people seeking treatment for weight loss to find specialized but isolated guidelines. Many patients have already consulted with endocrinologists, used medications to increase their feeling of satiety or reduce anxiety, followed diets prescribed by nutritionists or nutrologists, or even sought information from other sources such as the internet.

The person who seeks weight loss and takes care of only one of the factors, can often present a recurrence, which in this case can be popularly expressed by the “accordion effect”, characterized by failure to maintain the treatment, whose immediate result of weight loss is achieved , but it is followed by gain, sometimes taking the person to a higher weight than the initial one.

In addition to these perceptions, a psychotherapeutic accompaniment helps you to stay motivated, to realize at what times you may be self-sabotaging yourself, moving away from your goals.

It is important that the psychologist who will receive this demand is up-to-date and engaged in working with other specialties, as the multidisciplinary view enables greater success in treatment.

Losing weight is much more than being satisfied with the scale, it is to evolve, to be better, to take care of yourself. When we look at this process with a purely aesthetic view, we only change the outside part!

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