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The morning shot is a concentrate of vitamins, phytochemicals and digestive compounds. It is made with a mixture of some ingredients such as lemon, vinegar, ginger, turmeric, pepper, glutamine, cinnamon, propolis, matcha, among others. Check out its main benefits below!

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5 morning shot benefits

Fight free radicals

Speeds up metabolism

Has anti-inflammatory effect

Improves immunity

Assists in weight loss

The shots concentrate many nutrients and can have antioxidant properties, thus fighting free radicals. They can be thermogenic, responsible for accelerating the metabolism, in addition to those that have anti-inflammatory and strengthening effects of the organism.

We gathered the main doubts about the morning shots, and the nutritionist explained to us about each one in detail. Follow below:

Need to take it every day?

This depends on your goals, but constancy is very important to incorporate new habits.

How to make a thermogenic morning shot for before training?

If your intention is to have a thermogenic effect, mix 30 ml of water with a spoon (soup) of apple cider vinegar, a spoon (coffee) of powdered cinnamon and one of grated ginger.

Morning shot lose weight?

It can help with weight loss when combined with a healthy and balanced diet.
How can the morning shot help with immunity? To have this effect, you can follow the following recipe: juice of 1 lemon + 15 drops of propolis and 15 grams of glutamine.

Is there a temperature indicated for the water used in the morning shot, such as warm or cold?

There is no relationship between water temperature and benefits.
What is the best combination for an anti-inflammatory morning shot? Aiming at this result, a tip is to use 20 ml of water + 1 spoon (soup) of apple cider vinegar and 1 spoon (coffee) of turmeric powder.

See, next, what is the best way to consume the morning shots, as well as other recipes for you to choose your favorite!

Morning shots can be consumed on an empty stomach or between meals. Learn how to prepare options that will make a difference in your routine!

As it is consumed in the morning or between meals, shots should be practical when preparing. With that in mind, we’ve set apart super easy indications for you to try.

Morning shot of cayenne pepper and cinnamon: here, an option to improve immunity and give energy. You will need cane molasses, lemon, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar and water.

Morning shot with cardamom: what about this shot with antioxidant, slimming and energizing effects? It also helps in combating cellulite.

Morning shot with royal jelly: You will find this incredible combination for immunity. Try it!

Morning shot with ginger and turmeric: called a shot of immunity, this option combines powdered ginger, propolis extract (without alcohol), turmeric, lemon, glutamine and water, which facilitates the consumption of these agents.

Morning shot with pollen: now an anti-flu shot, which also strengthens the body. You will need extract of propolis, lemon, turmeric, organic pollen and chili powder.

Morning shot with saffron and honey: one more to improve immunity, sore throat, colds and flu. It has a true combination of vitamin C-rich actives!

Morning shot with ora-pro-nobis: antioxidant alternative made with lemon, saffron, ora-pro-nobis, powdered cinnamon, powdered ginger and a pinch of pepper.

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Before trying one of these recipes and enjoying the benefits of morning shots in your daily life, know the following alerts and contraindications!

Shots should not be consumed by people who are allergic to any component present in the mixture. Always keep an eye and consult a nutritionist to align your needs with the best nutritional strategies.

Now that you know more about morning shot, how about transforming your whole routine thinking about physical and mental well-being?

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