This version of paillard is made with the breast fillet. It is thin, round and, being smaller, makes a very delicate presentation on the table.


4 chicken breast fillets

½ cup of wheat flour

⅔ cup (tea) of breadcrumbs

2 eggs

1 cup of olive oil for frying

Freshly ground salt and pepper


Cut each sassami in half, in the width direction – so the paillards are rounded at the time of opening and the presentation is more delicate.

To make the paillards: on the board, place a piece of film, place 1 sassami in the center and cover with another piece of film (if you prefer, use a plastic food bag cut in half). With the chubby part of your palm (or with a meat whisk), beat and, at the same time, push the meat from the center to the sides – the goal is to make the paillard very thin.

Caution: if it hits too hard, the meat may break.

In a small bowl, break one egg at a time and transfer to a deep dish; beat with a fork just to mix the egg whites with the egg yolks. In a shallow dish, place the breadcrumbs, in another place the wheat flour and season with a pinch of salt.

Line a platter with paper towels.
In a high-frying pan, pour the oil and heat over medium heat.

To find the right temperature for frying: place a matchstick; when it lights up it is a sign that it is at the right point.

While the oil is heating, coat the paillards: season with salt and pepper to taste; pass each paillard through the wheat flour and beat with your hands to remove the excess, pass the breast fillets through the beaten egg and let the excess drain well; pass through breadcrumbs and press with your hand to cover the entire surface well.

Carefully place 3 paillards to fry at a time.

Leave for about 2 minutes until golden brown and only then, carefully, turn with the slotted spoon (or tweezers) to brown the other side. Transfer to the dish lined with paper towels and repeat with the rest. Serve next.

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These paillards are delicious served with tomato and pepper jelly.

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