Even those who have never made a dessert in their life prepare a moist, cold, delicious tapioca couscous. It is a practical and very easy dish to prepare and the most important is that it pleases all tastes and is delicious!

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2 cups granulated tapioca (tapioca for cake)

1 ¼ cup of tea

1 ⅔ cup of coconut milk (400 ml)

1 liter of milk

1 pinch of salt

⅔ cup (tea) of condensed milk

¾ cup (tea) of freshly grated coconut

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In a medium saucepan place the milk, coconut milk, sugar and salt. Mix gently with a spatula to dissolve the sugar and bring to high heat.

Cook until it begins to boil – stir from time to time to prevent the sugar from concentrating at the bottom of the pan and forming cream.

In a large bowl, place the tapioca and drizzle with the boiling liquid, all at once. Mix gently with the spatula to break up any lumps and the tapioca will hydrate evenly – at first it may seem very liquid, but that’s how it is, the tapioca will hydrate over time.

Let the tapioca rest for 30 minutes at room temperature, stirring every 10 minutes, until it forms a dense and creamy mass.

Tapioca will absorb the liquid, becoming a more consistent and very moist mass.

In 30 minutes, transfer the tapioca dough to a 22 cm X 32 cm baking sheet, cover with film – so as not to dry out or catch a smell – and refrigerate to cool and firm for at least 3 hours.

Once the couscous is firm, drizzle with the condensed milk and return to the refrigerator for another 2 hours – this rest is essential to form a broth and the couscous to become even more moist. If you prefer, prepare dessert the day before.

When serving, cover with freshly grated coconut and cut the slices. If you like a sweeter couscous, serve with condensed milk to sprinkle on the plate.

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on Pexels.com


Tapioca couscous lasts up to five days in the refrigerator. Remember to keep it well sealed with the film, so as not to catch a smell.


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