Did the heat get on? Did that hunger beat? Is it avocado season? Looking for a different breakfast option? Here is the answer to everything: avocado vitamin. One classic!


1 cup (diced) diced avocado

1 ½ cup of iced milk

2 tablespoons of honey

Ice cubes to serve


In a blender, place all the ingredients and blend until smooth. Divide into two glasses and serve next with ice cubes.

7 health benefits of avocado

Avocado has excellent health benefits, it is rich in vitamins C, E and K and minerals such as potassium and magnesium, which helps to hydrate the skin and hair. In addition, it contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, such as omega-3, which acts as an antioxidant and acts in the control of cholesterol, preventing atherosclerosis.

In addition, avocado also helps to improve training performance as it is rich in energy and prevents heart disease and cancer, as it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and prevent the formation of atherosclerosis.

  1. Contributes to a beautiful and hydrated skin

The benefits of avocado for the skin are mainly to combat stretch marks, wrinkles and cellulite because it is rich in vitamin C, which helps in the metabolism of collagen, a substance that gives firmness to the skin.

In addition, this fruit also has antioxidants that help to protect and prevent the aging of skin cells, providing greater elasticity and leaving the appearance more beautiful and healthy.

  1. Keeps muscles strong

When consumed before physical activity, avocado helps in muscle hypertrophy, as it provides energy for training and contains proteins that help in muscle recovery.

In addition, this fruit also avoids muscle fatigue because it fights free radicals that arise due to intense exercise, causing the aging of cells and facilitating the appearance of pain.

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  1. Contributes to a healthy pregnancy

Because it is rich in folic acid, avocados in pregnancy are important to prevent congenital diseases such as problems in the nervous system and spina bifida, which is the bad closure of the fetal spine.

To obtain this benefit, this fruit must be consumed mainly before becoming pregnant and during the first trimester of pregnancy.

  1. Helps you lose weight and prevents constipation

Because it is rich in fiber, avocado provides a feeling of satiety, regulates blood sugar levels and helps to treat constipation. The fibers allow to control the appetite and to avoid the excessive consumption of food and, when a lot of water is ingested, it also favors the production of soft stools, facilitating the evacuation.

However, it is a very caloric fruit with a lot of fat content, which is why it should be consumed only in small portions in the diets to lose weight.

  1. Contributes to brain health

The main benefit of avocado to the brain is to improve memory capacity, as omega 3 improves brain function by stimulating blood circulation and increasing the ability to concentrate.

  1. Prevents heart disease and cancer

Avocado, being rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, helps to lower blood markers that increase the risk of heart disease, reducing total cholesterol, bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

In addition, it helps to increase the production of good cholesterol (HDL), preventing atherosclerosis and taking care of heart health, which, combined with its high potassium content, favors the reduction of blood pressure and improves sexual performance.

In addition, because it is rich in antioxidants such as omega-3, vitamin C, A and E, its regular consumption helps to neutralize the formation of free radicals in the body, reducing the body’s inflammatory processes, thus preventing cancer.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Avocado nutritional information

The table shows the nutritional values ​​for each 100 g of avocado:

Components Amounts per 100g avocado 
Energy 160 calories 
Proteins 1,2 g 
Carbohydrates 6 g 
Total fat 8,4 g 
Monounsaturated fats 6,5 g 
Polyunsaturated fats 1,8 g 
Fibers 7 g 
vitamin C 8,7 mg 
vitamin A 32 mcg 
vitamin E 2,1 mg 
folic acid 11 mcg 
Potassium 206 mg 
Phosphorus 36 mg 
Calcium 8 mg 
Magnesium 15 mg 

Avocado is fattening if consumed in excess because it is one of the richest fruits in fat, which even though it is of good quality, has many calories.

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