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The use of teas is a common practice in some families that use medicinal plants to cure certain diseases. In this pandemic period that we are going through, there is information, without any scientific basis, about plants, food, natural products that cure or prevent Covid-19.

Correct identification, in addition to information about the proper use and management of medicinal plants, is therefore required, as self-medication and the danger of incorrect identification is a worrying and dangerous subject for health. It is also necessary to wake up to the responsible use of these plants, to demystify this question that what is natural is always safe, as it can be harmful to health, like any other product, if used incorrectly.

Many plants fall into popular knowledge, but their properties may not be so beneficial, or the form of use is not correct and, in certain situations, end up aggravating existing problems. Therefore, it is worth emphasizing that any treatment must have the indication of a health professional.

Many plants started to be studied and have a greater scientific basis, being allied with medicine to fight various diseases, both in prevention and cure. Only a small percentage has been investigated phytochemically, a fact that also occurs in relation to pharmacological properties, in which, in many cases, there are only preliminary studies.

Recent studies have been carried out on medicinal plants used to combat Covid-19 and have been shown to be effective in those used for respiratory tract infections and with possible antiviral effects. Medicinal plants are traditional products for the treatment of illnesses, however, it is important to make the correct identification and know their properties and their use should not last longer. It is recommended to use the same tea for up to a week and the most common form used by the world population is by infusion (put the green or dry plant in the cup, add boiling water, cover and let stand). The decoction is done for roots, stems or barks, where these parts of the plant are boiled together with the water.

The active principles of medicinal plants provoke beneficial reactions to the body, resulting in the recovery of health. It is necessary to know the medicinal plants of each region well, in order to discover how the plants can really help in the recovery and maintenance of well-being. In this way, it will be possible to rethink the concepts of health, disease and established treatments.

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When looking for reliable sources of information on identification and active principles for choosing the plant, it is possible to make the correct use, using medicinal plants selected with therapeutic efficacy and safety, based on popular tradition or scientifically validated as medicinal.

Legend has it that, in the middle of 250 BC, the Chinese emperor Shen-Nung was sitting in the shade of a tree and boiled water in order to purify it, as was usual. The spring breeze brought some leaves from the tree into the hot water. Attracted by the aroma, the emperor drank that infusion and, realizing the feeling of well-being and lucidity, began to propagate the tea culture.

Nowadays it is very common to talk about tea referring to the infusion of any herb in water. Everyone has an infallible recipe to cure any illness, any physical or emotional discomfort. What many people do not know is that the leaves that fell into the emperor’s water come from a specific plant called Camellia sinensis, the true tea plant, which gives rise to green tea, white tea, black tea and many others, depending on the shape processing done.

Having a cup of tea is an invitation to immerse yourself in the elements that accompany all beings of nature (fire, water, earth and air). Water has a very special ability to store memory. It is the great memory of Planet Earth since it is the same water, in different states, that has always circulated here. In a cup of tea, the spirit of the plants yields to the water vehicle to be their memory reflected in the eternal. From planting to harvest, from preparation to the first sip, it is essential to put a lot of intention in the whole process.

Nature can help us a lot, especially with medicines as mentioned above. So take care and enjoy this gift!

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