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Health is not just a word that characterizes the absence of disease, since this concept involves broader aspects, such as physical, mental and social well-being. In view of these aspects, it is clear that health promotion depends on individual behaviors and also on aspects of a collective dimension, the latter being an issue closely related to public policies.

In this context, providing people with decent living conditions is a determining factor in preventing ill health – which does not mean that we should expect only external interventions so that, in fact, we achieve good health.

The term “good shape” can be related to several meanings, such as a harmonic, muscular or thin body; good acceptance of the body, even in situations in which physical form contradicts the aesthetic standards imposed by society; the relentless search for a “perfect body”, at any cost; be active; absence of pain; a good ability to perform bodywork, among other meanings.

Thus, it is perceived that such a concept is quite subjective and depends on many factors, including the activity that each one intends to perform or already performs, and the roles that one aims to perform or already performs in society. A dancer, for example, due to the type of activity she performs, must have specific care and concerns with the good shape that are different from those that the bodybuilder adopts, as well as the soccer player, a yoga practitioner, an artist, or even from a person who works in an office, eight hours a day.

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In addition, the means of achieving or maintaining this good shape also vary: from the adoption of “natural” methods, such as a balanced diet and regular physical exercises, to more extreme situations, such as absurd diets, performing aesthetic surgeries without criteria, or even bulimic behavior. Such extreme acts may even allow the person to achieve the longed-for good shape, but it is not uncommon for significant losses to occur, accompanying such results …

Given these facts, it is important to understand that the search for a good shape is, in fact, commendable, when considering health and self-acceptance a priori. Especially because we do not always have a biotype that allows certain specific characteristics to be achieved, even through plastic surgery; and also because a person who has healthy lifestyle habits, in addition to several benefits, is unlikely to also have a harmonious body, in good shape, as a consequence.

Have you heard the famous phrase: we are what we eat? This statement is very real and clearly confirms the importance of food in our health. A poorly balanced diet, rich in carbohydrates and / or fats, can cause innumerable health problems and diseases, while, in moderation, such food groups, as well as proteins, vitamins and minerals; we can contribute to better health and quality of life, also preventing many ills.

In view of this, it is noticeable that food does not only have the function of pleasing our taste buds, and that its quality will depend on the balance made between what is eaten daily, ensuring the intake of a range of essential nutrients to meet the body’s needs.

With the considerable advances in medicine and easy access to relevant information, many health problems are easily controllable, but as long as some “rules” are strictly followed for each specific case. In diabetes, for example, as long as the person eats correctly, that is, avoiding excess carbohydrates, he can have a relatively normal life.

Health and well-being is a very complex topic that deserves attention, as it has a direct relationship with quality of life. In general, well-being is related to objective well-being and subjective well-being. Objective well-being is related to the social and economic aspects of a given individual, while subjective well-being is related to each individual’s life experience. Generally, subjective well-being is divided into three categories: satisfaction with life, positive affects and negative affects.

The concept of quality of life is quite diverse, and it is possible to find different definitions in the literature. According to the WHO, quality of life can be defined as “the individual’s perception of his insertion in life, in the context of the culture and value systems in which he lives and in relation to his goals, expectations, standards and concerns” . This concept is extremely complex and is related to physical, psychological, social aspects, among others.

According to the WHO concept, quality of life is therefore related to physical issues, such as the presence of pain and the amount of daily sleep, and to psychological issues, such as body image, negative feelings and self-esteem. It is also related to issues of mobility, dependence on the use of medicines, personal relationships, work capacity, physical security, financial resources, availability of health care, leisure options, transportation and even spiritual aspects and personal beliefs. Quality of life is, therefore, a very complex concept and, as we can see, it is directly related to the concepts of health and well-being.

Having said all that, I believe that we can come to the conclusion that our life is ordered by us and our quality of life too, we dictate this rhythm and we will always achieve what we fight for!

Your inner peace must be your life goal; when you feel an emptiness in your soul, when you believe that something is still missing, even though you have everything, refer your thoughts to your most intimate desires and seek the divinity that exists within you.

Stop looking for your happiness every day further away.

Don’t have goals too far out of your hands, embrace those that are within your reach today.

If you are desperate due to financial problems, love or family relationships, look inside for the answer to calm down, you are a reflection of what you think daily.

Stop thinking badly of yourself, and be your own best friend, always.

Smiling means approving, accepting, congratulating.

Then open a smile of approval to the world, which has the best to offer you.

With a smile, people will have a better impression of you, and you will be saying to yourself that you are “ready” to be happy.
Work, work hard for yourself.

Stop waiting for happiness to come without work.

Stop demanding from people what you haven’t achieved yet.

Thank all that is in your life right now, including that gratitude, the pain. Our understanding of the universe is still too small to judge anything in our lives.

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