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Is eating and drinking food at the same time with meals right or wrong? Many say that this habit is bad for the body, and that food re-education is necessary, others say that there are no problems, that it is a mere “myth”. Therefore, in order to promote better understanding and nutritional awareness, we look for two specialists in the subject to explain what this union causes to health and the best procedures for the proper functioning of the body.

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The act of eating and drinking at the same time can cause problems, mainly linked to digestion. The ideal is to separate the consumption of the two foods in a balanced way. The correct thing is to drink 30 minutes before eating or 1 hour after a meal, because the biggest concern is digestion, the correct absorption of nutrients, which can cause stomach problems, such as gas and flatulence.

When we drink a lot of fluids during meals, the concentration of hydrochloric acid in the stomach decreases and some enzymes are diluted. Excess liquid may also decrease the absorption of some important nutrients.

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Satiety of the organism at meals

The use of fluids at the same time as meals also interferes with hunger control.

In fact, drinking with meals disrupts the satiety mechanism. By consuming the fluids during this process, you distend the stomach wall, which is flexible, and thereby gives the brain a false impression that the stomach is empty and that more food can be eaten. The mutual ingestion of food and drink is a cultural habit of the people, a gradual change in that custom is necessary.

It is more a social habit, than a necessity, that we have to eat accompanying the meal with the liquid. There are even some people who have reduced salivation, so it is more difficult to eat without drinking liquid, but if you are going to consume a maximum of 1/2 glass during the meal, over time, everyone can take the drink permanently or leave only for special occasions or on weekends. In addition, we must always remember other important habits that aid in the digestion process such as slow chewing, which we hardly do.

The ideal is to consume the drinks at the end of meals, preferably waiting a few minutes.

Give preference to citrus juices

Whether before or after meals, the best drink option for your diet is natural juices. The ones made with citrus fruits, for example, besides hydrating with a lot of flavor, help the absorption of many minerals essential to our body and which are normally lost by body processes, such as urine and sweat.

See the benefits of some of these juices:

Orange Juice – Rich in vitamin C, the fruit is also a natural source of citrate, a mineral that prevents the formation of kidney stones. In addition, the food has a high concentration of hesperdine, a flavonoid strengthens heart health.

Tangerine Juice – With nutrients very similar to orange, tangerine or tangerine, was the reason for recent scientific discoveries that revealed the action of a powerful antioxidant agent in its composition, called nobiletine. This substance controls cholesterol levels in the blood, preventing cardiovascular and brain problems.

Lemon juice – The popular and delicious lemonades have “detox” and “alkaline” powers, for cleaning the body. In addition, this acidic fruit has a substance known as d-limonene, which helps to relax and can even fight some cancer cells.

Pineapple juice – With a high concentration of water and dietary fiber, this drink is a powerful source of vitamins and minerals that make our intestines work better, improving digestion. A curiosity is that even the pineapple peel, rough and hard, can be used to complete the juices. It helps, for example, to clean toxins from the blood and fight inflammatory processes.

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