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Long periods of work, in addition to the fast pace of the days, lead us to opt for practical food: exchanging a lunch for snacks is an increasingly common habit for people who forget, or are unaware, the importance of strictly following the commandments of a woman. healthy eating. Understand the main reasons for not making these substitutions in our routine!

A good plate of rice with beans, vegetables and proteins, at lunchtime, for example, has been overlooked by small portions of, most of the time, industrialized products without nutritional values. This must be avoided at all costs! There must be a time set aside for your food, or otherwise, you will be exposed to problems, diseases and illnesses that will directly reflect on your performance, making the “snack” a reverse effect to what was thought when it was ingested.

Because they are important meals, it gives us the opportunity to combine nutrients, such as vegetables and rice, which form a combination of essential amino acids for the body and increase their bioavailability. In addition to other foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and protein of high biological value.

How to keep a healthy meal on a daily basis

Have you ever thought about preparing your meal at home? Even if it is the snack, you will know exactly the origin of the food and the quality of it. Here are some options to make your days healthier and your meals more nutritious:

Source of carbohydrates: Whole grain breads, Syrian, Italian or ciabata, can be good alternatives to start. They have low caloric content and, in most of them, it is possible to find good amounts of fibers.

Rich in proteins: We cannot have a balanced diet without the presence of proteins. They are fundamental and essential for the health of our body. Therefore, shredded chicken, tuna, sardines, sliced ​​meat, lean ham, turkey breast, blanquet, white cheeses, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese are options to increase your diet.

Vitamins and minerals: Energy sources and responsible for maintaining the health of our immune system. You can add lettuce, tomato, carrot, beet, watercress, spinach, almond and heart of palm, for example.

Fruits: They are completely indispensable in a healthy diet, you can prepare a natural juice to accompany meals or fruit salad as a dessert or afternoon snack.

Eat every 3 hours: The rule will fall very well in those hours, especially on the day that the snack is the option, because if you miss one meal, you will be able to supply it in another and to have good health we need all the nutrients from balanced form.

The selection of ingredients in the preparation of meals can completely change the final result of our dishes. From that choice, we are going to mess with the sensations and health of those who are going to experience them – and these people are usually very important to us.

In addition, there is an issue related to the impact that each meal has on the human body. With the right items, this effect tends to be the best possible. Therefore, a good preparation does not start in the kitchen, but already in the planning and purchase of the ingredients.

Although there is an increasing offer of processed, frozen and processed foods, this is not the best option for the preparation of healthy meals.

The fact is that, from the selection of the best ingredients in the preparation of meals and with care and affection to make each recipe, you will guarantee snacks, lunches and dinners that are much better and that will only bring you benefits.

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