Typical Brazilian berry fruit served with banana slices and granola

Açaí is the fruit of the açaí tree, a typical palm from the Amazon. Among the benefits of açaí is being a source of vitamins C and E. This means that it strengthens the hair, makes the skin more beautiful, improves vision and is still a good antioxidant, preventing both premature aging and the appearance of cancer, in addition to making the immune system stronger.

The fruit has good amounts of the minerals iron and phosphorus, which means that it not only prevents anemia but also helps transport oxygen around the body and allows the metabolic process to function well. Therefore, its consumption is very suitable for people who practice physical exercises.

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But after all, açaí is fattening? In fact the very caloric fruit. Only 100 grams of its pulp with guarana syrup and glucose have 76 kcal, while the same amount of fresh frozen pulp is 58 kcal. In fact, this same portion in the syrup version has half the carbohydrates needed for a meal. Therefore, the food is not suitable for people who have adhered to the low carb diet, but it is great for giving energy to those who exercise regularly.

Researchers have already realized this and, for this reason, it has been the target of several studies and has not disappointed, as it has shown many positive results. Thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants with a focus on anthocyanins, responsible for its purplish color açaí reduces the damaging action of free radicals that accelerate cellular wear and tear throughout the body.

This effect occurs because it offers a good dose of fiber, whether it improves intestinal transit. A portion with 100 grams of frozen açaí pulp has 2.6 grams of this element. To give you an idea, 3.3 grams of fiber are found in 2 and ½ tablespoons of rolled oats.

In addition to being an enemy of bad cholesterol, which is already quite a gain for breast health, it has substances that help to ward off atherosclerosis, the hardening of vessels, controlling high blood pressure and improving blood circulation. This is what a study published in the scientific journal Atherosclerosis, of the European Society of Atherosclerosis, showed.

According to researchers from the Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases at Montana State University, in the United States, açaí contains a substance called arabinogalactan, which stimulates the action of the body’s defense cells, improving their effectiveness.

Benefits not yet proven

Prevent breast cancer: although the action of açaí against this type of disease has already been confirmed, its specific action in the case of breast tumors is being studied at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Research has shown promising results, but it is not yet possible to say that it has this effect, as the work is still in the guinea pig stage and tests on humans have not been carried out.

Improve the condition of bipolar disorder: researchers from the Federal University of Santa Maria, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil and from the University of Toronto, in Canada, found evidence that the fruit extract managed to combat a chronic inflammation process characteristic of this disease, in addition to reducing the action of free radicals that are also linked to it. But the study is still ongoing and it is too early to draw conclusions.

At the end of the day we can understand that açai is a super food that has gained popularity and will continue to win because it has so many health benefits and a wonderful taste.


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