Knowing how to handle food is essential for our diet. In addition to being a great way to store vegetables for longer, a canned vegetable can also be a great gift for busy friends. The variety is immense, for being olives, corn, peas, pickles, hearts of palm, tomatoes, zucchini and carrots.

In fact any vegetable can be used in preserves, for a good salad, for example. The process is not at all complicated, you just need to be creative. The interesting thing when preparing the canning is to use several vegetables in one, making the pot more colorful and tasty.

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Step by step for delicious vegetable preserves!

The first step is to cook the vegetables. For this situation, the ideal is that they stay to the tooth, that is, cooked and still firm. This makes these vegetables tastier at the time of consumption and also causes them to lose less nutrients.

Depending on the vegetables that are used, the types of cuts must be different. The onion, for example, must be cut into slices before washing and soak for about 10 minutes in water. The pod and the carrot can have different cuts, as you wish. For cucumbers, it is good to discard the two tips before washing them well.

When putting the vegetables in the pot, even before adding the condiments, it is good to separate them in layers. This will give a more sophisticated touch to the pot, leaving the whole canning more beautiful and appetizing.

A good tip before adding the oil and vinegar to the canning is to make a small mixture to make it taste even better. Boil vinegar, oil and oregano. After mixing all this, you only have to pour it over the vegetables until they are completely immersed.

Finally, just let it taste, for at least 24 hours before consuming!

Homemade preserves have the advantage of having less sodium content than industrialized ones, and can also have greater nutritional value. The important thing is always to seek nutritional balance, consuming everything in moderation. After opening the canning, keep the jar in the refrigerator, and consume within 2 weeks. I try to be very careful with hygiene. Always wash your hands before handling food.

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Canned vegetables can last 5 to 6 months outside the refrigerator, with the glass fully sealed.

Regardless of the way preserves are made, either with fermentation or like pickles, which we quote, all of them aim to preserve food in an antiseptic environment. That is, the intention is to prevent the development of undesirable microorganisms in these vegetables.

In addition, if your canning is homemade it may have even more advantages. Basically, when you make your own canning, it will not have a very high sodium content, as industrialized ones do. Consequently, it will have a higher nutritional value.

But, of course it is important that you maintain a nutritional balance, and consume everything in moderation. Even if you have already opened your can, we recommend that you keep the glass closed in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

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