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Bread and butter, coffee with milk, toast with jam, fruit, cereals and functional yoghurts … Our menu is traditional and few people really want to change. But, have you thought about adding new foods to the table? Some vegetables, such as chayote, yam and sweet potatoes can be good options for the morning meal, leaving our diet more healthy, natural and nutritious to start the day with energy and disposition.

The first meal of the day is marked by breakfast, so it must be rich in nutrients that help to “wake up” the body and nourish it. Vegetables become good alternatives, as they have large amounts of vitamins, fibers and minerals, which help to ensure the well-being of the body in the early hours of the day.

Nowadays with so many fitness versions out there, it is also fashionable to exchange the traditional bread roll for vegetables for breakfast. Chayote and yam, among others, help to provide energy for the body, strengthen the immune system, regulate intestinal transit, have many fibers, preventing pinches before the next meal and, with creativity, can compose delicious dishes for coffee in the morning.

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5 ways to use vegetables for breakfast

1 – Omelet: Joining the vegetables with the egg protein will help to give an “up” in your day. After cooking the vegetables (preferably steamed), beat the eggs on a plate and add the vegetables. In addition to chayote and yam, you can add tomatoes, onions and a few slices of Minas cheese, transforming the dish into a colorful and highly nutritious omelet.

The ingredients have very few calories, so they will not hinder the diet, in addition, they have antioxidant properties that will help prevent the actions of free radicals in the body, thus combating the premature aging of cells.

2 – Tapioca: Increasingly present in the breakfast of those who value a balanced and nutritious diet, tapioca gum also gives infinite possibilities for combinations, so the vegetables will fit very well in this preparation. Cook the vegetables, prepare the tapioca gum and add them to the pan. You can season with olive oil and include some basil leaves to give it a special flavor.

The recipe is also rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers that will help in the functioning of the intestinal transit and will increase the durability of the feeling of satiety throughout the day.

3 – Yam milk: The tuber becomes the perfect vegetable milk for lactose intolerants or for people who want to innovate in breakfast preparations. The drink helps to strengthen the immune system, since it is rich in vitamin C, in addition to the minerals iron, calcium and potassium that help in the prevention of anemia, improves the health of bones, muscles and teeth.

Yam milk can be consumed like regular milk, accompanied by coffee or in vitamins and porridges.

4 – Vegetable breads: Yam can also be included in bread recipes, forming a yam bread, free of gluten and also prepared with wholemeal flour (or rice), increasing the amount of dietary fiber in the recipe. In addition to the tuber, vegetables such as carrots, beets and broccoli can also turn into breads, helping to include these foods in the diet plan.

5 – Varied juices: Another practical way to include these vegetables for breakfast is to prepare fresh and healthy juices. At this time, what counts is creativity, as the nutritionist recommended, after all, the combinations can be infinite. The drinks bring good levels of vitamin A and C, dietary fibers and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium that help to balance the body and hydrate it.

Suggestions – Chayote juice with orange or lemon and pieces of ginger, chayote juice with passion fruit or pineapple and mint leaves. Yam can be combined with strawberry, orange, apple and lemon, orange, cabbage, mint and apple, among many others.

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