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A beautiful smile, clear and spontaneous, is a great “business card” for our lives. In addition to the signs of self-confidence, positivity, happiness, respect and kindness, care with oral hygiene also demonstrates our concern for health. For this reason, and for this, in addition to daily brushing, various foods that we normally consume on a daily basis can be considered great allies to make the mouth more beautiful, with white teeth, strong gums, in addition to fresh and healthy breath.

The health of our mouth is directly associated with everything we eat on a daily basis. The relationship between the appearance of cavities and excessive consumption of sugar, or even the greater sensitivity of teeth to those cold foods, are two very common examples in people’s lives.

A diet rich in carbohydrates, such as sugars and starches, for example, contributes to the formation of bacterial plaque, which produces organic acids, leading to a gradual demineralization of tooth enamel, forming cavities in teeth.

What to do to have strong and healthy teeth?

According to the nutritionist, if you are going to ingest some of these artificial products, with a lot of sugar or starch, consume them during meals and not between meals. But, the primordial is to be attentive to the correct diet and rich in minerals:

The diet should also be rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and fluoride, as these are essential to have strong and resistant teeth. Our teeth are basically composed of these minerals and fluoride is an important antibacterial agent, providing resistance to the formation of cavities.

7 foods that help make your smile more beautiful and healthier

1 – Apple: Source of dietary fiber, the apple is one of the most beneficial fruits for the mouth, since this substance promotes a kind of self-cleaning in the teeth and gums. As it is a food that takes time to be chewed and crushed, this time is essential to improve oral health.

2 – Orange: Because it is rich in vitamin C, orange becomes an ally of our smile, as it helps in the production of collagen, necessary for gum health. Other fruits such as lemon, strawberry and acerola, for example, are also included in this list.

Vitamin C deficiency increases the susceptibility to periodontal diseases, as they increase the permeability of the gingival barrier.

3 – Milk and derivatives: These are sources of calcium, an essential mineral for the health of teeth and to ensure that they remain strong and healthy. The substance is also known to balance the pH of the blood and maintain oral health.

4 – Raw foods: Carrots, onions, beets and other vegetables that can be eaten in their natural form can also benefit your mouth, as they require greater effort in chewing, strengthening the jaw.

5 – Fish: Saltwater fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines and sole, for example, and seafood (squid, lobster, crabs) are foods that have fluoride in their composition, which helps maintain teeth and gums. healthy, prevents cavities and plaque.

6 – Eggs: Rich in phosphorus, this mineral also acts in favor of oral health and decreases the chances of periodontal diseases. Another benefit of consuming eggs is that the yolk is a source of vitamin D, a substance that helps in the absorption of calcium in our body.

7 – Nuts: This oilseed is responsible for releasing an oil during consumption that helps to create a protective layer on the teeth, preventing the accumulation of plaque. Chestnuts from Pará can also help in this performance.

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