500g chickpeas

2 zucchinis

1 bunch of parsley

1 cup of basil leaves

8 chopped Brazil nuts

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

4 teaspoons of olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

10 Italian mini tomatoes

Basil leaves for garnish

The vegan chickpea hamburger is a great alternative to replace red meat while still consuming the dish. After all, besides being nutritious, this snack is tasty and supercrunchy! How about, then, try the chickpea veggie burger recipe with zucchini spaghetti? Take a look at the step by step to learn how to do it!

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Preparation mode

Using your own cutter, cut the zucchinis into very thin strands like spaghetti

For the sauce, chop the parsley and basil on the tip of the knife and place them in a small container

Mix the finely chopped Brazil nuts, lemon juice and olive oil and season with salt and pepper

Add the sauce to the zucchini spaghetti and set aside

Prepare the chickpea veggie burger

Serve a portion of zucchini spaghetti with a vegan burger and garnish with tomatoes cut in half and seasoned with salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.

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Chickpeas are a highly nutritious vegetable

Chickpeas have plenty of reasons to be part of your daily menu! In addition to helping to detoxify the body (due to a substance called molybdenum), the legume is rich in minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium, is a great source of fiber and protein and also has vitamins B, C, E and K in its composition. Thanks to this combination of nutrients, consuming food gives more energy to the body, makes skin, nails and hair more beautiful and reduces stress and depression.

Zucchini is low in calories and high in fiber

Zucchini is another ingredient in the recipe that brings together several health benefits! Friend of healthy weight loss diets, the food stands out for its very few calories and many fibers. Thus, it helps with weight loss, is good for “intestinal transit” and, due to the presence of magnesium, reduces the risk of heart problems.

Brazil nuts are rich in selenium and other minerals

Brazil nuts are one of the most consumed oilseeds in Brazil! Rich in fibers, magnesium, phosphorus and mainly selenium (500 mcg of the mineral in just one nut), it is strongly associated with the prevention of cancer, osteoporosis and hypothyroidism. It is worth investing in food!

Basil is a complete food and can be eaten as a whole

Basil is really one of those complete foods. In addition to all vitamins (A, B, C, E and K), minerals (zinc, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron and potassium) and essential nutrients for our routine, vegetables can be used integrally in food – from flowers and leaves to seeds and essential oils.

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Now you must be wondering about the recipe of the hamburger itself, calm down I didn’t forget and here it is! 🙂


1 boiled chickpea casserole

1 unit of small onion

1 unit of garlic (clove)

3 tablespoons of oatmeal

1 tablespoon of flaxseed flour

1 pinch of salt to taste

1 pinch of parsley

1 pinch of oregano to taste

1 pinch of thyme to taste

Preparation mode

Prevent the screen from turning off while you cook?

Chop the onion and garlic of the smallest size you can.

Optional: if you have time, sauté the garlic and onion in a drizzle of olive oil, along with a pinch of salt, for 2 minutes.Cook the chickpeas to the point on the tooth (if you can soak them for 24-48 hours before cooking, it only takes 15-20 minutes under pressure).

Knead the chickpeas with a fork (or pulse a few times in a blender). The goal is for the chickpeas to be coarsely mashed).

Add the other ingredients (onion, garlic, olive oil, oatmeal, flaxseed flour, salt, parsley and dried herbs). Mix everything with your hands until you get a homogeneous and moldable dough.

Optional: if you have time, leave the dough in the refrigerator for an hour before shaping (it helps a lot in the consistency of the hamburger).

Mold the hamburgers and seal in the frying pan with a drizzle of olive oil for 2 minutes on each side and serve.

You can store the dough in the refrigerator for up to 3 days or freeze for up to 2 months.

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