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Do you suffer from loss of appetite and want to know how to solve this? There are many possible causes that can make you unwilling to eat, but the main thing is to know that this is not healthy. The body needs to replenish nutrients constantly and the lack of a balanced diet impairs the proper functioning of the body.

Loss of appetite: what can it be?

If you are hungry but cannot eat, it is important to first investigate what factors may be related to this. Monitoring with a nutritionist is essential, because the loss of appetite may be linked to some clinical condition that needs monitoring.

Being unwilling to eat can also be a consequence of the type of menu you follow. The more repetitive the feeding, the less the appetite. Always have a vegetable and vegetable on your plate to vary your diet. The suggestion is to choose 3 different options each and consume on different days.

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  1. Avoid snacking between meals, especially foods with refined sugar

The times for each meal are very important in a balanced diet. Do not eat cookies, candies or chocolates. This can decrease your appetite and you will tend to eat more foods high in sugar and fat, damaging your health.

It is also important that the priorities in snacks are fruits, avoiding refined sugar. Fruits make digestion faster and this will stimulate your desire to eat. Excess sugar will increase satiety, without offering a quality in your diet.

  1. Make it a habit to meditate regularly

When you understand your body better, it becomes easier to understand what your body needs. Incredibly, using meditation and relaxation techniques can help stimulate your appetite. With this, you learn to perceive the internal signs of hunger and satiety.

  1. Use and enjoy the seasonings

Putting spices and herbs in the preparations will help you to have more appetite because they will help with digestion and make food more tasty. So, look for options that stimulate your appetite, such as watercress, rosemary and chicory.

  1. Avoid alcoholic drinks during the day

Alcoholic beverages can significantly reduce your desire to eat due to their caloric value. The same goes for coffee between meals, mainly because of the amount of sugar that is ingested together.

  1. Decorate the table and invite someone to eat with you

As appetite is associated with the stimulation of the senses, it is important that you pay attention to the arrangement of your plate and table. Decorate the dish, use a crockery that you like. A dish that is beautiful to the eye can stimulate the urge to eat.

Eating alone can also generate some laziness when preparing or even consuming food. So, invite people to eat with you whenever possible and create this routine. Having company will make you more willing to eat.

Juice to help stimulate appetite

In addition to the tips, I also brought a drink suggestion that can help those who are not in the mood to eat. See this simple recipe to prepare a juice that will help you whet your appetite!


2 apples

1 carrot

1/2 pack of watercress

300 ml of water

Beat everything and strain. Drink then 1 hour before lunch.

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