3 eggs

1 medium onion

1 1/2 cup (of creamy curd) warm milk

1/2 cup (of cream cheese) oil

2 chicken broth tablets

1 tablespoon shallow sugar

1 sachet of dry/powdered biological yeast (or 2 fresh tablets)

1kg of wheat flour

500g of pepperoni sausage

3 tomatoes (Italian), chopped

15 chopped olives

1 brushing yolk, pepper, oregano, parsley, chives, sesame and poppy seeds (optional)


Beat in a blender 2 tablets of chicken broth in 1 cup and 1/2 of warm milk.

Add 2 yeast tablets for bread.

Then the eggs, onion, oil and sugar – if it is dry / powdered organic yeast, blend everything except wheat flour and dry yeast, which will be mixed in a bowl next to the liquid part. Then pour into a bowl and pour the flour until it comes off the fingers.

After untying the hands place the dough on a granite bench to knead (or any other smooth part).
I do not expect the dough to double in volume to open it and put the filling, since the dough is very fluffy. I hope to grow later – there are those who like to wait for the dough to double in volume and then fill it.

Then grate (or process in the multiprocessor) the jalapenos and an onion. Chop 3 tomatoes, chives and parsley (or cilantro), about 15 olives in a separate container and add the ground pepperoni.

Divide the dough into 6 parts (six large loaves) and open, individually with a rolling pin; apply the filling over the open dough (the thickness of a thin pizza dough) and roll (without squeezing) into a roulade.

Place on the greased tray, roll the next ones.

Wait for it to grow before taking it to roast.

Make small cuts in the breads, so that the filling appears. If you want more beautiful breads, just brush with yolk and throw sesame, poppy seeds and oregano on top.
Then place to bake in a low oven.


Note: Never put the milk hot, always warm. The filling is free and can be changed to chicken with catupiry cheese, sun-dried tomato with mozzarella.

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