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How to make barbecue?

It may seem that just turning on the grill and placing the meat, however, is not so simple. You need to know about types of meat, their cuts and some techniques.

We know that even beginners don’t want to risk missing the point of meat. Do not worry. With some of our tips, commitment and patience you will be mastering the art of barbecue in just a few steps. Check out.

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How to make barbecue: start with meat

The choice of meat and cut is an important point for those who are learning how to make barbecue. If you have no practice in preparing, there are some types that are more recommended.

Flank steak, sirloin cap and striploin, besides being great meats, are also the best for those who are starting to get it right. These cuts are the quickest to bake, allow you to accumulate experience and can move on to more elaborate preparations soon.

You do not need to know at the outset where the types of meat are located on the animal’s body part. Usually, you can already find the segmented meat by cutting, with options of size and weight, with more or less fat, fresher or more matured, directly in the butcher shop.

If it makes you feel safer, start by ordering seasoned meats at the butcher shop. But, if you are going to salt on your own, be careful not to overdo the salt. In excess, it can dehydrate the meat. Coarse salt should only be used in large pieces. Medium portions can be seasoned with the crushed salt, while the fine salt is sufficient to salt the small pieces.

Over time, you can innovate with seasonings and marinades of your own. Testing with different elements is part of learning how to barbecue.

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Fire is your best friend

Now that you’ve acquired the meat, it’s time to put the grill to work!

It can be a great challenge for the beginner in the barbecue world, but ensuring that the meat is homogeneously roasted inside and out depends on making a good fire.

We will suggest two techniques that are considered simple and safe for those who are going to start the fire for the first time. In one of them, just deposit the charcoal on the grill and pour alcohol over it. Wait a few minutes while the coal absorbs the alcohol, and then throw a lit match stick away.

Remember to clean your hands before that. Before long, the charcoal will have become a brazier.

The second way is even easier. Just make a kind of straw the thickness of two fingers of your hand and twist one end so that it is shaped like a cup. Then open a cavity in the middle of the coal. Place the bowl there and fill it with cooking oil.

When lit, the fire will come in contact with the oil and spread throughout the coal. It’s easy and effective!

Let it burn until you get a layer of ash on top of the charcoal and only then place the meat to roast. As needed, you can move more charcoal to roast the meat. That way, when the fat starts to drip, you avoid the high flames of fire burning your barbecue.

Did you see how barbecuing doesn’t have many mysteries? Everything is a matter of practice.

On the weekend with friends is one of the best options, I hope you like it and if you like it please share 🙂


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