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That hydration is a fundamental factor for life and that, therefore, everyone knows that we should consume water daily (at least 2 liters a day). Now, in addition to “how much”, do you also know “when” we should drink it? That’s right, fluid intake also needs to be controlled in relation to time, needs, and day-to-day divisions. Therefore, there are strategic moments when drinking water brings even greater health benefits. Know more about the subject!

In order to stay hydrated, clean the body and avoid health complications, it is not enough to drink water only when you are thirsty and compensate by taking large amounts, as this can overload the body. Water should be ingested, especially in summer, every 2 hours, at least 2 liters per day. This equates to approximately 300ml every time interval.

Morning, afternoon and night: Divide your hydration into times
In addition, there are certain times when it is essential to drink water, such as when waking up, during physical activities, before and after eating and at bedtime. Below are some important moments to keep your body hydrated on a daily basis.

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Lunch and dinner: It’s not good to drink liquids during meals, but drinking water about half an hour before them works wonders for digestion. Water takes up space in the stomach and helps to appease hunger, which prevents overeating, and it prepares our body to receive the food and nutrients that will come, this activates the taste buds of the tongue and hydrates the stomach, thus ingesting acidic food is not uncomfortable.

When doing sport: Drinking water is essential before, during and after any physical activity. Hydration provides energy, improves circulation and replenishes the fluids we lose with sweating. And if it’s hot, drink even more! But be careful, don’t take it all at once and divide it into smaller portions throughout the exercise.

Before and after bedtime: Drinking at least a glass of water at night, before bedtime, and in the morning, after waking up, helps to activate the organs and the circulatory system. Water has a detoxifying effect when ingested on an empty stomach, while at night, before going to sleep, it causes positive effects in relation to the cardiac system.

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