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A good chicken pie recipe requires care in seasoning the pie filling and special tips to have a soft and irresistible dough, the kind that melts in your mouth. So, today we are going to teach you the best traditional chicken pie recipe and give you the best tips for taking a delicious pie out of the oven.

The easy chicken pie recipe we’re going to teach you today is simple and can be adapted later as you like. To have a creamy pie, for example, just add a box of cream or cream cheese to the filling. Or, if you prefer a lighter dough, just reduce the amount of flour a little.

See below for everything you will need

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stuffing ingredients

500 g of skinless chicken breast



3 skinless and seedless tomatoes

Salt and pepper

Peas, carrots and corn (optional)

pasta ingredients

3 cups of wheat flour

250 ml of milk

3/4 cup (tea) of oil

2 eggs


1 tablespoon of baking powder

Follow our chicken pie recipe to make a delicious pie

Simple Chicken Pie Recipe: How to Prepare

Let’s start making the filling of the simple chicken pie recipe. It is important to remember that the seasoning and the elements that go into the filling can change according to your preference:

Cook the chicken breast until tender and shred

Bring butter over medium heat and, when melted, add onion, season with salt and saute until golden

Add the tomatoes and without stopping stirring, leave it on the stove until it forms a paste in the pan

To finish, add the shredded chicken breast, season with salt and mix

Once the filling is done, we can move on to the dough for the simple chicken pie recipe:

Start by beating the liquids in the blender at low speed

Add the flour little by little, along with the salt and yeast

When the dough is homogeneous, pour half of the dough into the greased pan

Add the filling to the form

Cover the rest with another half of the dough

If you want, add a layer of grated cheese on top; then just take the oven preheated at 180º C until golden brown

Now that you’ve learned the salty chicken pie recipe, we can give you some tips that are essential when getting your hands dirty in your complete kitchen:

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Be careful when mixing the dough in a blender

The dough in the salted chicken pie recipe is important, so when beating the dough, you need to do it very carefully. Start by mixing only the liquid ingredients and gradually add the dry ones. If you notice that the dough is too heavy for your blender, finish mixing the dough with a fuê – this way you can guarantee a smooth and homogeneous dough for your pie! If you prefer, you can also use the mixer to make the dough.

How about a creamy chicken pie recipe?

The best way to make the creamy chicken pie recipe even more delicious is to add 1 box of cream or 1 cup of cream cheese to the dough filling. The pie filling is super creamy and tasty!

The biggest advantage of this creamy chicken pie recipe we gave you here is that you can use whatever you like as a filling

Mix flavors, ingredients and make delicious recipes from your kitchen utensils!

freeze the pie

Aren’t you going to eat the pie that day? So a good idea is to freeze and heat it in the oven later, to eat the pie very hot!

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