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Just like any other room in the house, the kitchen needs to be well organized so that it is easier to preserve food and find the ingredients and utensils needed to prepare meals. But is there a right way to do this arrangement or everyone can organize it the way they want without following any rules?

The way we organize this part of the house can help to optimize time and space, not to mention the fact that the place where certain ingredients are kept in the refrigerator makes them last more or less. In addition, she also states that letting go of unused utensils and organizing them by sectors also make a difference and make daily life in the kitchen much more practical. Check out more details about these and other tips!

Planning the shopping list helps keep the kitchen organized

The first step in keeping the kitchen organized is planning your purchases. It may seem that one detail does not influence the other, but already having an idea of ​​what you will need to store makes all the difference in optimizing space: You can, for example, come up with a weekly menu. Thus, it is possible to save time and money in the supermarket and space in cupboards and refrigerator.

Leaving food sanitized and visible makes everything more practical

Cast the first stone who has never stopped consuming a certain ingredient because he is too lazy to prepare it! Mainly vegetables, which need extra attention due to the cleaning that must be done before consumption. But did you know that you can streamline this process already thinking about this detail while organizing the kitchen? Storing supplies sanitized and portioned is the best way to fight the rush and laziness when preparing a rich, varied and healthy meal. Here, the strategy is to leave everything in sight and ready to be used.

However, to keep everything in the fridge without spoiling the food, it is important to take some specific precautions. For the produce, as important as sanitizing, is to dry everything with a paper towel or a clean tea towel, since excess moisture accelerates deterioration. It is also a good idea to repack everything using jars, plastic film or plastic portioning bags. Oh, and no storing food in grocery bags.

Does the position of food in the refrigerator matter? Yea!

A very common question when tidying the kitchen is in relation to the position of the food in the fridge: is there a better place for each one or is it enough to put it where you have space and that’s it? Yes. This is because certain ingredients need a higher temperature so they don’t spoil, and others shouldn’t be close to a certain aroma so they don’t have a “contaminated” taste, for example.

More sensitive products – such as leaves, fruits and vegetables – stay at the bottom of the refrigerator due to the milder temperature, while dairy products and proteins in the process of thawing should be at the top.

Ready-made foods should not have direct contact with those that are still raw so that they do not end up contaminated, and it indicates extra attention to foods that can leave the refrigerator impregnated with a certain aroma – as is the case with spices and citrus fruits. For those who always have sweets stored in the fridge for emergencies, the tip is to keep all of them well packaged, as they are the most susceptible to absorb aromas like that – above all, chocolate.

Sectoring cabinets and refrigerators also helps

Another golden tip is to organize the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets by sectors to make it easier to find the food you need – and also quickly realize what you’re missing so that you don’t waste too much time with the shopping list.

Separate a part of the cabinet for what is in use and leave another for what has not been used: This way, you don’t run the risk of opening several packages of the same product or ending up forgetting something in the depths of the cabinets. In the refrigerator, it gives the idea of ​​separating a part just for breakfast supplies so that you don’t end up buying something unnecessarily.

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Leaving the most used utensils on display and letting go of what is not used optimizes time and space in the kitchen

As with food, the most used utensils should be kept in an easily accessible place to optimize time in the kitchen. That way, it’s easier to see what’s really needed and what’s just taking up space. Anything that is not within reach will rarely be used. I love unpaired glasses and plates, but let’s face it: those that are on the last shelf we don’t even remember they have.

Don’t be sorry to let go of anything so that you have more space to store what you really need: You know that stunning game of platters that was inherited from grandma and never used? Maybe it’s a case of finding another home for him and making room for a leaf centrifuge, for example, which can be much more useful in his routine. Nobody needs a drawer crammed with utensils to cook well and with pleasure.

Knives must be in a separate drawer to avoid accidents

A simple precaution that many people do not take when putting away kitchen utensils is to reserve a drawer just for the knives. In addition to keeping everything more organized, this habit also helps to reduce the chances of unwanted accidents.

Cabinets and refrigerator have a fixed deadline for cleaning

In addition to storing everything in the right place thinking of a better way to take advantage of your kitchen space and preserve food, it is also important to clean the cabinets and refrigerator at the correct frequency so that the environment is always free of impurities and organized.

According to Sara, cabinets can be cleaned monthly without any problems, while the refrigerator needs to be cleaned every 15 days. But on top of that, she also recommends a quick check of what’s already in store every time you get back from shopping: This is good for making sure food expirations are still up to date.

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