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Tamarind is a fruit of Asian origin that brings several benefits to the body: it is a source of fiber, minerals (such as iron and calcium) and vitamins of different types (complex B, A and C), which help balance the body. But the best part, in addition to the benefits, is that it yields different types of recipes and can be used in different ways in the kitchen. In order for you to discover different ways to incorporate it into your diet, we have listed some recipes with tamarind that are very successful. Check it out and try it!

Prepare juices and tamarind teas with other fruits

A good way to incorporate tamarind into your diet is to use it in making juices and teas (along with other tasty and nutritious fruits). An interesting combination is tamarind with pineapple, which results in a juice rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Another interesting option is to prepare the juice with coconut water (a more hydrating and tasty drink). You can also try mixtures with strawberry, papaya, grapes and so on. In the case of teas, it is worth betting on detox ingredients – use tamarind, ginger, mint and lemon, for example, to prepare a very aromatic, thermogenic and healthy tea.

Note: In addition to making juices, a good tip is to eat the tamarind in natura. This way, you can enjoy all the nutrients that the fruit has to offer.

Tamarind jelly is a great option for a snack and breakfast

Anyone who likes to innovate in recipes will love the tamarind jelly – a very healthy, light and great option to eat with bread and toast. To prepare, you just need to cook the fruit in the pan along with water and a little sugar (opt for coconut or demerara, which are lighter options). The good thing about this type of jelly is that it is very simple to make and yields for several days, serving as a great accompaniment for your daily snack.

Have you ever heard of tamarind chutney?

For those unfamiliar with it, chutney is a type of sauce of Indian origin made from various fruits, vegetables and spices. The original recipe is mainly prepared with mango pieces and spices that give a unique flavor to the dish. But instead of using the mango as the protagonist, a good tip is to innovate, using tamarind to make a more original and tasty chutney.

In this case, you should also use the same ingredients as in the main recipe: vinegar, onion, ginger, garlic, apple, brown sugar, and then sauté everything in the pan until it forms a well-concentrated sauce. This mixture of sweet and savory is one of the strengths of chutney, which can be used as an excellent snack. What about?

Meat and seafood with tamarind sauce are delicious

Have you ever thought about preparing a simple tamarind sauce to season main dishes such as meat and seafood? This is a great tip for those who like to mix fruits with savory recipes, giving a touch of personality to the dishes. Tamarind, in particular, goes well with chicken and shrimp. So a good tip is to use it as a type of sauce in these recipes. You can also add fruit to salad dishes (with lettuce, arugula, tomato and so on). Here’s the tip!

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