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Being in the habit of writing is great for organizing thoughts, feelings and getting to know yourself more deeply. In many cases, even having a diary (or a simple notebook) works as an escape valve for different stressful situations in everyday life. To learn more about the real benefits of writing that is often used for therapeutic purposes.

What are the main benefits of keeping a journal?

Although it seems like a simple habit, writing in a journal on a regular basis has enormous benefits for long-term mental health. Therefore, recording our individual feelings and perceptions becomes a very important cathartic process, where we can express ourselves more purely.

Helps organize thoughts, desires and personal plans
First of all, the psychologist highlights how the writing process is important for the individual to be able to express themselves and even better plan in different aspects. Writing helps organize our own ideas. And by ideas I don’t just mean thoughts, but everything we can be feeling, desiring, everything that affects us.

Promotes a greater process of self-knowledge

For this therapeutic process of journaling to really work, it is very important to try to do it as regularly as possible. Writing every day can be a tool to keep a ‘self report’, a history of what we’ve been feeling and building day after day. And if we do this every day (or almost every day), we naturally become more intimate with ourselves.

Something that often bothers us and causes us anguish, and that we usually don’t know how to put into words, suddenly becomes easier and easier to talk about as we are exercising a closeness to our own emotions. Self-knowledge, a more intimate perception of ourselves, our emotions and ideas, makes us more authentic with our desires and creative in the responses we need to give to life.

How to start writing easier?

Let go of self-judgments to write more freely

Many people have difficulty putting their thoughts and feelings down on paper. According to the psychoanalyst, the main tip to get rid of this impediment is to let go of self-judgments. I think the most important thing is not to judge what we think or feel. We generally believe that certain things are better or worse than others. So, afraid of being judged, we repress what we really feel before we really think about it.

Define a routine and the form of writing you prefer

This process of organizing writing is very individual and can be relative, according to each person’s preferences. It’s important to keep in mind that a journal is something for you. We are not writing for others to see or think about us. In this sense, writing a diary can be seen as a commitment to oneself. Each person will find their own way of doing this: the most suitable time of day, the type of notebook, the number of lines, what kind of things to write… there are no rules. It could even be poems.

The most interesting thing is that you create your own rules and, if you want, you can still change them later too. We just shouldn’t impede the flow of our own process with demands and beliefs that are not ours, that’s the most important thing.

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  1. πŸ’œ Agreed and I Would Add Self Talk is important too, it’s so cute watching a kid muttering to themselves; so Thank YOU!!! for Sharing and Serving with this Very Informative Post, Stay Strong and Serene


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