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Exercising in a regular and balanced way – even on the hottest days – is important for mental and body health. However, during the summer, it is essential to take certain precautions to keep the body hydrated and avoid symptoms such as dizziness or nausea (which are common when training is overdone). And, to encourage you to exercise safer, we’ve listed 5 important precautions for exercising in the heat. It is worth checking!

  1. Give preference to physical activities in the morning or late afternoon

The first tip to exercise more safely during the summer is to stipulate certain times for activities. The ideal, for example, is to do aerobic exercise – such as jogging, walking or cycling – always in the morning (preferably before 10am) or in the late afternoon. Thus, you save more the body and decrease the rate of dehydration during training.

Note: It is worth noting that it is important to take breaks and be aware of some signs during exercise. If symptoms such as excessive tiredness, blurred vision, nausea or dizziness arise, for example, it is best to stop training, ok?

  1. Wear very light, comfortable clothes and don’t forget sunscreen

To ensure more comfort during physical activity, it is best to wear very light and comfortable clothes – made with fabrics that do not absorb heat and that dry quickly. The ideal is to avoid dark clothes during the day and always wear a comfortable pair of sneakers – preferably with a shock absorber, for those who like to run. It is also recommended to wear a cap, sunglasses and apply sunscreen to carry out outdoor activities more safely.

  1. Don’t forget to stretch and warm up

To prevent injuries and prepare your body for physical activity, it’s critical to stretch well – stretching your arms, legs, neck, spine, and so on. Also, to improve performance and avoid possible heat sickness, another important tip is to warm up before starting your workout for real. Especially on hotter days, when physical wear and tear tends to be greater, it is extremely important to pay attention to this care.

  1. Hydrate yourself before, during and after training

When it comes to exercising in the heat, the care with the hydration of the body must be redoubled. Therefore, our tip is to drink plenty of water before, during and after training – always replacing the fluids lost during the activity. For those who like to do aerobic exercises, which promote great caloric loss, a good suggestion is to drink isotonic drinks – drinks that help hydrate and replenish mineral salts more efficiently.

  1. Eat fruits, vegetables, cereals and light seasonal foods

Taking certain care with your diet during the summer is also an important tip. During this period, the ideal is to bet on natural juices, vitamins and other recipes with fruits, vegetables, vegetables, cereals and legumes – investing in a diet as light and natural as possible, with little fat. To be more sustainable, even a good suggestion is to give preference to seasonal foods – which are found in greater abundance, better quality and price. Here’s the tip!

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